Unique Father's Day Gift Idea | Dollar Tree Barbecue Tools DIY

Father’s Day is coming up, and it’s always hard to pick out a gift for Dad. If you are looking for a unique Father’s Day gift idea, I have a Dollar tree barbeque tools DIY for you today. Low cost, and home made from the heart. It would make a great gift, but you could also just make this to add a special touch of decoration for the patio! With Memorial Day and Fourth of July, this would look really nice in red, white and blue! I created a video, so you can see how easy it is to make one of these for yourself or for the Dad in your life, so your patio will be all ready for the grilling season.

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Is it just me or is it always hard picking out gifts for Father’s Day? Let me know in the comments section below if you have trouble too!  It’s always nice to make something homemade as a gift and this one is so quick and easy to put together, but will make a big impact next to the grill on the patio. A lot of the items came from Dollar Tree, so this is a low-cost project that looks really special. I picked black and white for the colors on mine, but you can go with whatever colors match your outdoor decor and you could even customize it with the grillmaster’s name or some other saying. 

Let’s start with what you will need to make this project. Each item is linked, so you can easily shop for everything you don’t already have with the links below.


Now, I am going to take you step-by-step and luckily there aren’t many steps, so this is really quick and easy to put together!

// step 1 

fathers day gift idea

The first thing I did was to rearrange the way this sign will hang. The wooden plaque came with the rope on the wrong side, so I cut it with some scissors and used some Gorilla Glue to secure it so that the sign will hang vertically instead of horizontally. 

// step 2

white acrylic paint sign

Next, I used the white acrylic paint with a damp sponge brush. You can go with whatever color you want here. I picked up that white paint because I wanted the black letters to rally stand out. 

I wasn’t going for a full whitewash or rustic look, but I did want the wood grain to still show through, while brightening up the wood sign, so it took about 2 coats of acrylic paint to do that. Make sure to get the edges, so it doesn’t look unfinished.

// step 3

dollar tree letter stickers

Next, I put the letter stickers on. This is where you can get creative and put a name or nickname or other phrase like, “The Grillmaster” or “Summer Vibes” or “Best Dad Ever”, or something like that. I went pretty simple here with mine. Since this will be outdoors, even though it will be covered on the patio, I used a little extra Gorilla Glue to make sure those letters stay glued on really well. I used a toothpick with the glue on the end to really stick down the corners because I knew the humidity here in Texas would probably peel those stickers right off!

// step 4

fathers day gift ideas

With the black clothespins, I added a little extra dollop of Gorilla Glue to make sure they stick on there well. Then I put some wax paper over the stickers and placed some books on top to help everything stick down flat.

// step 5

grill decor

Next, you just need a nail to hang this or you could use those command strips if you don’t have a surface to nail into. It could even go right on the grill itself.

If you end up making one of these, be sure to tag me on Instagram, so I can see your creation! I’m trying to build a positive community here on Artsy Cupcake, so I would love to get to know you in the comments section below.

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