How to Get Rid of Clothes in your Closet

Are you looking for some motivation on how to cleanout your closet? Well, come along with me on my journey to see how to get rid of clothes in your closet the right way. It will make your closet declutter before and after a smooth and painless journey. I am going to use one box to get this job done, so keep reading for my tips and tricks. I did a fun video, so if you would rather watch than read, check it out below!

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// tip #1

Keep a donation bin in your closet all year long.

My first tip is to always have a box or bag in your closet to be a constant reminder to get rid of things you don’t wear anymore. I always have a ThredUp bag in my closet and you can send this back to ThredUp and list your items consignment style. I haven’t gotten much money back from ThredUp, just a few dollars per items but it is great option to recycle your clothes. Other resale shops online would be Mercari, Poshmark or Ebay. I have had luck on those as well and do get a bit more than I would on ThredUp. If you don’t want to worry about listing them and then relisting if the listing expires, which can be a hassle if you have a particularly stubborn item that just no one else wants, then you could take your clothes into a store like Plato’s Closet. If you dont think you will get much money or just want to be giving, donating to your local donation center like Goodwill or Salvation Army or Dress for Success. Whatever you have near you, there is always someone out there who could really get some good use out of an item that you are tired of or that isn’t your style anymore.

// tip #2

Get on a clean out schedule.

So, you have the box or bag in your closet, now what? Well, the first thing you need to do is get on a schedule, otherwise you will just get used to seeing that sitting there in your closet and not take action on it. So, set a reminder in your phone, go ahead, do it right now…I’ll wait.

You could do this every morning while you are getting dressed and get the job done over the course of a week. Or you could have an all out cleaning session once a week or once a month. Whatever suits your time or schedule, but the key is to get it on your schedule. So, go ahead…get that reminder in your phone!!

// tip #3

Put some music on!

If you want to clean your closet and you want to clean it fast! Then put some fast upbeat music on and it will give you the focus and really motivate you to get this job done. Cleaning out your closet is not something anyone really looks forward to, so having some of your favorite tunes playing in the background could really help it go faster. You will need to dedicate the time and effort to really stay focused, so set a timer on your music and tell yourself you have to keep going until your music stops! That is one way to get it done and get it done fast.

// tip #4

Ask yourself some questions about each item and be ruthless.

I am not going to get into the whole Marie Kondo method, but asking yourself questions is part of her method and should definitely be part of any closet cleanout, no matter what method you’re using.

 Here are the questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Is this piece of clothing in good shape? If it’s ripped, worn through, or has a broken zipper, toss it.

  2. Have I worn it in the past year? If you haven’t touched it in a year, you won’t wear it this upcoming year either. Let it go.

  3. Is this still my style? At one point it was something you wore because you bought it, but that could have been years ago. We all change our styles over time, so if it isn’t your style anymore, don’t feel bad. It may be someone elses style and they can’t wait to get their hands on it!

  4. Does it fit me and is it comfortable? This is one of the main reasons I donate my clothes. I have noticed over the years my skin has gotten more sensitive. Is it just me or is this something that happens to everyone as they get older? So, if something feels itchy, or pokey or makes me feel too hot, and I have to change halfway through the day, it goes in my donation bag. Not everyone feels sensitivity to the same fabrics. So, I know if I donate that item, someone else may love it.

// bonus tips

A few other ways you can get into cleaning your closet is setting a couple rules. You could have a 1 in, 1 out rule, where you donate 1 item for every 1 item you add into your closet. So, if you have a shopping spree and buy 5 pairs of pants, then 5 things have to get out of your closet.

Another idea I have heard is to put all your hangars backwards and turn them forwards after you have worn something. Then at the end of 6 months or whatever timeframe you want to use, you know which items are the least used and you can just grab all those backwards hangared items and donate them in one big swoop. This method does take a bit longer, but if you don’t have the time to dedicate to a whole day or afternoon cleaning session, this might work for you.

I hope this was helpful for you and got you motivated to get that closet cleaned out! Don’t forget to download the free printable, so you can have a constant reminder in your closet to always keep it nice and tidy. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!

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