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Causebox just might be one of the best monthly subscription boxes for women. There are so many reasons to try out Causebox, but if you want to get a feel for what a Causebox is and what’s inside before you buy one for yourself, then keep reading or check out the video below, where you can see me open up my Summer Causebox.

// One of my top 3

I have 3 favorite subscription boxes. FabFitFun, Box of Style and my most recently discovered Causebox. If you have heard of FabFitFun, Causebox is really similar at $49.99 per season and you get a nice variety of home, beauty and fashion products curated for Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. It is always exciting to get a Causebox because I learn about new companies and since there focus is on companies who are doing something that is ethically good, whether it be saving the oceans, fighting human trafficking or supporting women owned companies, I love that each Causebox features new companies that have a purpose behind their brands. Something new I did for the last spring season of subscription boxes is  testing out allll the products I get in my Box of Style, FabFitFun and Causebox over the next month or so and then I share my top 5 favorite items. This also gives you some insight into which subscription boxes are the best ones out there. Check out the Spring video of favorites to see who the winner was. 

click here to watch my Spring Favorites Video

// how causebox works

Before your box ships, you will get an email saying you can make a few selections, if you are an annual member. Annual members basically just pay for 4 season up front. Then you get a good discount too! There were several items I got to choose between colors and patterns. I will add hyperlinks to the items I can find, in case you miss out on this seasons box, and then you can re-create your own! Some of the items are made just for Causebox, so I will find something similar, if it isn’t avaialble to purchase. Ok, let’s get into this unboxing!

causebox summer 2019

// postcard

First, we have this pretty postcard, so you can use your Summer Causebox goodies and write your friends from the beach! I love how they put a postcard in these boxes featuring the artist who designed the box. They have a different illustrator each time. I would love to do a cupcake illustration for them – maybe some day! Antra Svarcs is from Australia and she loves to illustrate people connecting with the natural world to show how important it is to make positive changes for our environment. This illustration of the girls in the water is so cheerful and perfect for summer!

causebox postcard

// tribe alive caftan

This caftan is from the Tribe Alive brand. You can wear it over your shoulders, around your waist or even could be used as a towel at the pool or as a blanket for a picnic. Tribe Alive uses female artisans from India and their opportunity with Tribe Alive and Causebox has given them a place to use their skills. I had a hard time choosing my pattern because there were so many pretty colors!

tribe alive caftan

// quagga green wet pouch

Next we have the Quagga Green wet pouch. These wet pouches are great for when you go to the pool and then you have to travel home, but your bathing suit is still wet. You just pop that wet bathing suit into this little wet bag and nothing else in your suitcase gets wet. I had never heard of the Quagga Green brand, but they are hyper focused on creating lines of sustainable and ethically made products. They use recycled materials and work really hard to get the feel and quality of these recycled materials to act and look just like non-recycled material products. I had the choice of another color on this wet bag, but went with the blue because it makes me want to go to the beach!

// All good sunscreen

A summer must-have is sunscreen. This one is from the brand All Good skin care line, and they keep your skin safe by finding non-sketchy products to make your sunscreen. More natural, more environmentally friendly, just better all around than the chemically stuff out there. I am excited to try this one out!  

The Regatta Group DBA Beauty Depot

// Hanalei skincare

Have you heard of Hanalei skincare? Let me know in the comments section below. I am completely new to this brand and from what I can tell I like it already. Hanalei uses exotic ingredients inspired by Hawaii. There was the option to get this face cleanser or the Hawaiian aloe gel. I chose the powder face cleanser because it reminded me of the Tatcha Rice Powder Foaming Face Wash, which I got in one of my Box of Style’s many seasons ago and I LOVED it. You just add a little water and it turns into a foam, but has a little bit of grit to it, so it is like a very gentle scrub. This is great for traveling too because you dont have to worry about the bottle leaking and liquid out. We will see if this one ends up being one of my favorites! 


// reduce everyday tumbler

What a cute little tumbler! It is the perfect size to toss in your car or purse and is lightweight yet durable with the 100% recyclable stainless steel that this tumbler uses. It is from the brand Reduce Everyday and the company is committed to sustainability and protecting our waterways. They partner with a charity that does river cleanups.

// hair scrunchies are making a comeback!

I love these Banded2gether scrunchies. The colors are so pretty and summery and I haven’t worn scrunchies for awhile. I love how all the styles from when I was younger are coming around again. You know you are getting older when that starts happening. So, I am embracing the scrunchie movement and will wear these proudly. They are really soft and the brand also makes super soft headbands, scarves and other accessories. The companies mission is to empower women and be ethical through every step of the production process. 

causebox tote

// straw tote

I have been wanting a straw tote! I got a black macrame bag in my Summer Box of Style, so this purse rounds out my cute summer bags for the season! This cute tote is from the brand Altru and it is made of straw and came with a little cute yarn tie. I like that the yarn pom-pom is removable because I will switch this out all summer long with different scarves and pom-poms, it will be fun to dress up! Altru is very concerned with protecting marine life and keeping plastic out of the oceans. They partner with many charitable organizations to make an impact. 

Let me know in the comments section below what your favorite item was from my Summer Causebox. And don’t forget to check out my Spring subscription box favorites video to see who the winner was! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a very happy day! 

click here to watch my Spring Favorites Video

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