Most Popular Subscription Boxes for Women

If you’re new to subscription boxes, and are doing some research, this will not only share some of my Summer must haves, but you will also see some of the most popular subscription boxes for women. I share honest reviews of subscription boxes. Some of the items in my FabFitFun, Box of Style and Causebox are super exciting and sometimes there are just some not so exciting things. So, I’ve already done my Summer unboxing videos and explained a little about each of the Summer boxes and I have been busy testing allll the products out that came in all 3 of those Summer boxes. And after weeks of research, I am ready to share which are the best items from the  Summer subscription boxes. 


Box of Style



SO many goodies came in my Summer editions of Causebox, FabFitFun and Box of Style and I narrowed it down to my top 5 favorite style and beauty products. It was really hard because there were so many good products. But let’s just get right into this and see who the winners are! 

// Favorite #1

Favorite number 1 was a style product from my Summer FabFitFun. It is the star double necklace designed by Jennifer Zeuner. This is such a cute and simple necklace with the little stars on it. I love how there are 2 rows so it already looks layered. It’s very dainty yet feels sturdy and is short enough that it goes with pretty much any collar line. I’ve been wearing this one a lot lately and just love it as one of my new go-to’s out of all my necklaces.


jennifer zeuner

Double Star Necklace

// Favorite #2

Next we have a beauty product from the Summer Causebox. If you aren’t familiar with Causebox, they basically choose brands that give back in some way. This is from the brand All Good skin care and they use only safe and healthy products to make your sunscreen. I had never tried a more natural, chemical free sunscreen before and I was pleasantly surprised with this one.

I tried this on my face under various foundations and concealers and it soaks in pretty quickly and didn’t make my makeup move. I tried it with full coverage foundations and just with powder over it and it kept performing well under all the tests. I really was expecting it to get my face greasy or sticky but it felt really good and I didn’t notice anyhting different at the end of the day other than not having a sunburn!

// Favorite #3

Another winner from the Summer Causebox and this is another beauty product too. This is the powder face cleanser from the Hanalei brand. This one reminded me of the Tatcha Rice Powder Foaming Face Wash but is a cheaper alternative. You just add a little water and it turns into a foam but has a little bit of grit to it, so it is like a very gentle scrub. This is great for traveling because you dont have to worry about the bottle leaking any liquid out.

I used the bottle in my shower a couple times and didn’t have any trouble with moisture getting into the container and ruining the powder texture of the product. So, this is a really stable and well performing product that I will definitely be stocking up on when this one runs out.


// Favorite #4

From my FabFitFun, a surprise item I received was the Skin and Co. truffle therapy skin cleansing oil. I thought it looked interesting and have used oil makeup removers before. Looking at the bottle I thought this one would be really oily and I may not like it, but when I tried it, it was actually really light and didn’t even leave any residue on my face. It didn’t make my eyes feel oily when I removed my eye makeup and it left my skin feeling really nice while removing all traces of makeup. I think this product will last a really long time and I am going to be looking into other products from this brand because I had never heard of them before getting this in my FabFitFun!

// Favorite #5

And we are on the final winner in the top 5 favorites from my summer subscription boxes. In my Spring favorites, you may remember I ended up having a backpack as a favorite. And in the Summer boxes, I got a purse from Box of Style and Causebox. I had a really hard time choosing because these are both so cute.

I had been wanting a straw tote and loved this one from the brand Altru. It came in my Causebox. I’ve been switching out the little cute yarn tie with different scarves and keep this one displayed by my perfumes in my closet. 


Then in my Box of Style I received this Danielle Nicole macrame handbag that retails for $100. I love this one so much it gets the spot as favorite number 5. I like this one because it’s lightweight,  travels well, I don’t have to worry about it getting smooshed in a suitcase. Macrame is really in fashion right now and I love the little wooden handle. But my favorite part is how it is versatile – there is the nice wooden handle, but there is also a strap that can easily be hidden inside if you don’t want to use it. 

macrame purse

// runner ups

A couple other runner ups were the Coola SPF Setting Mist from my FabFitFun. This stuff really smells like the tropics and keeps my makeup from moving around in the heat.

And from the Summer Rachel Zoe Box of Style, I really have been enjoying the Machete Jewelry Kate hoop earrings in the tortoise pattern. They are a large sized earring, but really lightweight and are a nice change from standard metal hoop earrings.

// the final results

So, in this favorites throwdown, FabFitFun had 2 items, the star necklace and oil cleanser. Causebox had 2 with the sunscreen and powder cleanser. And Box of Style had one with the macrame handbag.

FabFitFun and Causebox were tied although that purse from the Causebox almost made it as one of the top 5’s, so maybe that gives them an edge, what do you think? 

subscription boxes

It will be interesting to see who the winner is for the Fall boxes, which should be arriving soon…eek!

If you havent already, make sure to check out my Summer unboxing videos to see what else came in those boxes. There were so many good items, it was really hard to choose, but these few really really stood out.


Box of Style



I hope this gave you a few ideas to put on your Summer must haves list so you can enjoy them as much as I have. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a very happy day!

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