FabFitFun Summer 2019 Add-Ons and First Impressions

Is FabFitFun one of the best monthly subscription boxes for women? Keep reading to see the latest summer FabFitFun 2019, so you can get a really good idea of what you can expect in one of my personal favorite subscription boxes. Or watch the video below to see the unboxing in all its glory!

// all about that sub box love

I love subscription boxes and have done a lot of reviews of them, but FabFitFun almost always comes out on top every season. A really quick run down of FabFitFun is that they deliver 4 times a year at $49.99 per box, but if you are new I have a coupon code, so you can get a little discount off your first box.

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You get a ton of beauty and home products, so that the value comes out way above the $49.99 that you paid. Sometimes I do end up selling some of the products I got or gifting them if it was something I already had, but overall they are mostly new products I’m excited to get and try out. I will be testing out these products over the next month or so and will do a follow-up from all of my Summer subscription boxes, so you can see which were the top 5 favorite items! This also gives some insight into which subscription boxes are the best ones out there. Here is my Spring favorites post if you want to check it out!

Subscription box favorites from spring!

// add-ons

Something FabFitFun does, which is extremely smart, is they have add-ons, for a limited time, so you can shop online with their selection of discounted products when you are checking out for your seasonal box. I am usually not swayed into buying things like that, but I actually saw a few things I needed and then my cart just grew and grew…and grew. You can easily double the cost of your FabFitFun when you add these extras, so just be warned. Here are the add-ons I got at some great deals!


The first items are these two lash growth serums. One is from LashesMD and the other from Vegalash. I have used eyelash growth serums in the past but never from these brands. I may try one on one eye and the other on my other eye and do a comparison. If you like that idea, let me know in the comments section below.

I got 2 Spongelle shower buffers. I have used these in the past and they last a long time and smell really good! They are just the right amount of scrub to get some exfoliating too! 

I love waterproof mascaras because they really hold my curl in place and well, this one had flamingos on the packaging…so had to get that one because flamingos on my mascara tube are just too cute. I love the name – Fabulous Flocking Lashes. It is one of those tubing mascaras and had argon and jojoba oil in it. I am excited to try this one out.

The Beauty Crop

I have heard of these cleansing rinses before but never tried one. It is supposed to naturally remove any buildup on your hair. If you have tried these before, let me know if it works or if you notice a difference after using one.

Ok, here is another thing I am considering doing a review on. It is the snow teeth whitener. This was $99 as a FabFitFun add-on and it usually like $250-300 regularly priced. I was not expecting such nice packaging with the little velour bag and a lip treatment included in there too. This is one of those that you hook the LED light to your phone and it works really quick. A lot of the reviews I read say this works well for people with sensitive teeth and I am one that has sensitivity with teeth whiteners so I am curious to see if this works. I will have to report back to you guys if this one turns out to be good.

Snow Teeth Whitening

// the fabfitfun summer spoilers!

So let’s get into the main items that came in the Summer FabFitFun. Some of the items you get to choose from a few options before your box ships. I will show you the options I had, so you can get an idea of how different my box could have looked had I chosen some of the other selections.

fff image

Here is the FabFitFun, such cute packaging, as always. Makes me want to go to Hawaii. There is a really nice magazine here with details on all the included products, a couple coupons and then alllll the goodies! I don’t even know where to start. The Coola SPF setting mist looks awesome. I love this brand because it smells like coconuts. It was a glass bottle and the lid came off, so it did have a little leak but it still works just fine. One of the options I had was the Intelliegent Nutrients Refining Polish and I couldn’t choose, so I added that on for another $7. That polish retails for $57, so you can see that is a good savings there and practically paid for the box itself!

fabfitfun options
Coola Suncare
Intelligent Nutrients

Next is the Grace & Stella rose spray. I have been using a different brand of rose spray and am loving it for in the mornings or evenings or if I have been outside, a little spritz of it refreshes my makeup. These sprays smell really good too – just like you would guess! 

Instead of going with these other options of liquid eyeliner or Living proof style cream, I went with the mystery item and I got sent this Skin & Co truffle cleansing oil. and I am glad I went with the mystery item because I love trying out new skin cleansers!

Grace & Stella Co.
Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 1.32.24 PM.png

I have used this Sol de Janeiro brand before, but never tried the shower cream and it looks like a huge bottle that will last forever. It is slippery though so I am sure it will get dropped every time I use it in the shower! It came with the Bum Bum cream and I have tried this, but in the purple jar, so I am curious to try out the yellow one. I also had the choice of a mini blow dryer, a floral kimono or a lotus towel.

This Whish brand has the best stuff but I haven’t tried out their masks yet. We will see if it gets on the top 5 summer items list or not! Stay tuned for that! I have a lot of items to test out for you guys!

Sol de Janeiro
sol de Janeiro

There was also a cute little star necklace. I love how delicate it is and actually it matches a bracelet I had gotten in the Spring Causebox! I also had the choice of some exercise bands or silicone wine glasses.

I love the purple on this bottle. It is a brightening clay mask and it is always fun to try out new skin care products.

choices on fabfitfun

This is such a cute little message board. I am excited to play around with this and display it in my office. I also had the choice of either a rose gold treatment face mask, those West Elm bowls (ended up paying extra for those!), and the diamond tote bag. Those bowls are so cute in the kitchen, but you could even use them to store things at your vanity or in the office! They are really good quality and are dishwasher and microwave safe.


Let me know in the comments section below what your favorite item was from the Summer FabFitFun. Make sure to check back for the Summer favorites from all my subscription boxes because it will be a fun one. I am already testing the products out and it will be a hard decision to pick 5 favorites!

Subscription box favorites from spring!

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