BEST OF THE BEST Spring Subscription Box Favorites 2019

Subscription boxes. Some are super exciting and everything is a win… others there may be a couple good things in there, but then a few things that are like... meh. I have been getting subscription boxes for several years... pretty much since they started getting popular and I have been sharing what I get in my quarterly boxes of Causebox, FabFitFun and Box of Style right here on Artsy Cupcake. If you’re new here, I also do home DIYs, recipe and style videos, so make sure to bookmark this page and subscribe to my YouTube channel, so you don’t miss out on the fun.

I did a video showing these top 5 items from the Spring subscription boxes, so if you want to watch the exciting reveal, then check out the video right here!

My friend Linda actually gave me this idea by suggesting I share my favorites, specifically on my subscription box items, and I thought it was a great idea, so that is what I’m going to do today. I am thinking of making this a series, where I do this after each season of subscription boxes, so you can get some good style and beauty product reviews after I have tested the products that I got in my most recent sub boxes. I show you all these cool things in the boxes, so I thought you might like to know how they worked out. Let me know in the comments section below, if this type of seasonal favorites of subscription boxes is one that interests you.

I looked back at over 20 items that I got in my Spring editions of Causebox, FabFitFun and Box of Style and I narrowed it down to my top 5 favorite style and beauty products. So, lets see who the winners are! 

// Favorite #1: which scarf?!

I had a hard time deciding between these two scarves. The Cleobella scarf came in the Causebox and what I love about Causebox is that all the items support women owned businesses and are ethically made. The pattern is so soft and beautiful and the colors for Spring were perfect. But I have to pick just one of these for my favorites list, so I am going to go with the 100% silk Chan Luu scarf that was in my Box of Style becauae it feels so soft and luxurious. A silk scarf just isn’t something I would splurge on for myself, so the fact that one came in this box is awesome! I think this leopard print doesn’t go out of style no matter what season it is. There were 2 designs Box of Style had for this scarf. I signed up too late, so I didn’t have a choice, so I will say I was a little disappointed when I saw I didn’t get the other pattern. It was a pretty floral design. But I ended up getting the floral scarf in the Causebox, so it worked out and this animal print 100% silk scarf gets the lucky spot as the first winner on the favorites list.

// Favorite #2

My second favorite is another fashion item. And it came from my Box of Style, as well! It is the Michelle Campbell bracelet set. These bracelets feel really sturdy. Sometimes I get jewelry in these boxes and it feels lightweight or like it’s just going to fall apart quickly. These feel so solid and indestructible. I am kinda hard on my jewelry because I am pretty active, so I always am conscious of the weight and quality of jewelry because that tells me if it’s going to last. This bracelet set is simple and elegant and can pair well with other bracelets or my watch. I have really been enjoying them and will probably look into other Michelle Campbell jewelry because I trust the quality now.

// Favorite #3

Ok, Box of Style can’t have all the fun! Spot number three is a beauty product from FabFitFun. It is the Tula purifying face cleanser. This cleanser came in such a huge tube I feel like I’ve hardly made a dent in it. You don’t need much of this cleanser. Half of a dime sized amount will spread across your face evenly.

I either use my hands or my Foreo to cleanse my makeup off at night with this Tula cleanser and I love it because it really gets everything off, but also doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry. It doesn’t feel oily or anything either – it is just right. The smell isn’t overpowering, it is a light clean scent. I will definitely be repurchasing this one if it ever runs out!

// Favorite #4

These are in no particular order by the way. This fourth item is another beauty product and was also in my Spring FabFitFun. I remember being really excited when I opened this one. It is the Manna Kadar charcoal body scrub. I love body scrubs and although I have shown you how I make my own sugar scrub and it is way cheaper than this one, I really really liked this one. It smelled so good and was super scrubby so it left my skin really soft. The packaging is really pretty too with the rose gold lid. I would buy this for myself or even as a gift for someone. Loved it.

// Favorite #5

My fifth favorite is also from the Spring FabFitFun. I remember I was really excited about this one too. It is the Deux Lux Demi Backpack. It retails for $75, so I felt this was such a deal to get in my box, which cost $49! I like the neutral colors and it is a nice size. It is lightweight, so I love carrying it when we are having an all day outing like to a park or a museum or taking a stroll somewhere. It just seems better for your back to distribute the weight between the shoulders rather than just on one shoulder if you are going to be carrying something all day. So, I always try to remember to carry my backpack purse rather than a traditional purse for those long weekend days out. 

// Conclusion

So, FabFitFun had 3 of the 5 items that were my favorites this season. It will be interesting to see who the winner is for the Summer boxes, which should be arriving in June. 

If you havent already, make sure to check out my Spring unboxing, to see what else came in those boxes. There were so many good items it was really hard to choose, but these few really, really stood out. I hope it gave you a few ideas to put on your Spring must-haves list, so you can enjoy them as much as I have.

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