How to Make a Midsummer Night's Dream Evening

I am going to share how to make a Midsummer Night's Dream evening, so you can have a romantic picnic for two right on your back patio. I have the teeniest tiniest table on my back patio with just two chairs, so even if you don’t have much space, I will show you how to take that small space and turn it into a simple romantic picnic space. If you can, check out the video below so you can see this mini tablescape come together!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is all about that fantasy, dream like fairy tale setting, and the story surrounds many different themes about love, so if you are wanting to create an evening with this romantic theme or maybe are planning a midsummer party, you can use some of these ideas I have for you today to create that Midsummer Night’s Dream vibe.

I have a tiny little table and my normal set up isn’t much to look at. So, let’s see what we can do here to transform this everyday dining room set up into a romantic table setting for 2 so you can also create your own simple romantic picnic.

outdoor dining area before

// romantic serving platter

First, we are going to set up the little serving platter. I found this small cake dish at Target in the dollar section and just used some Dollar Tree moss around the edges to give it an outdoorsy feel. I added an elegant plate on top and we have a simple little centerpiece to serve up our picnic foods. I put together a simple platter of crackers, blueberries and prosciutto wrapped mozerella. A second and third course of goodies could be ready to go and swapped out if you are trying to save space on a small dining table.

mini dinner platter

// the smells of summer

I found these little glass jars at Dollar Tree. I used these for my sugar scrub I made for my DIY Spa Gift Basket, which I did a tutorial for RIGHT HERE. But today they have a different use to hold some simple yet romantic fresh floral arrangements. These are small and compact and I just arranged a few florals and then finished them off with some raffia ribbon around the neck of the vase. I found some burlap ribbon at Dollar Tree as well and I used this to tie the silverware together.

dollar tree florals

// setting the mood

The first thing I did was lay out some table linens to make it feel a little cozier. Then it was just a matter of placing the items we prepared and making everything fit on the tiny table. 

setting an outdoor table

// before

before outdoor dining table

// after

before and after home decor
midsummer themed party ideas

And here we have the finished product. I brought out some of the nice pillows from inside and a few blankets to make it extra cozy on the patio. Everything is all set up for a romantic picnic for two on the patio. I think these little touches which didn’t take long at all really transformed the space into something special.

If you like home decor, I recently did a master bedroom makeover series. It’s a 4-part series where you get to join me on the creative journey of redecorating my master bedroom and it is an awesome before and after! I also did a Summer tablescape for my indoor dining table RIGHT HERE.

I’m really active in the comments section, so let me know what you thought of this Midsummer Night’s Dream picnic for two. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a very happy day! 

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