Using Fresh Flowers for a Summer Dining Room Table

Today I am going to show you how to set a table for a dinner party, and I am using fresh flowers for this Summer dining room table. If you want to see how to make a dining room table look elegant for summer, then keep reading, or check out the full video tutorial below!

Today I am using fresh flowers for my Summer dining room table because I just love the smell and look of fresh flowers, especially for a special dinner party. I am going to share how I transformed my every day dining room table decor into a beautiful Summer tablescape filled with bright cheerful touches. I will touch on the details, but if you want to see the table come together, make sure to check out that video above!

// clear off the table

I normally have a simple set up in my dining room. The first thing I did was remove everything off the table and give it a good clean so I could start this project with a clean palette.

tables cape ideas

// let’s set the table

I found this mat in the dollar section at Target. It is actually a floor rug, but I liked the yellow pattern and polka dots and even liked that it wasn’t symmetrical. I thought it would look good as a base under my tray instead of a whole runner or tablecloth. It was only $5.

target table mat

I had been using the napkins in the rings using a fan design, but I refolded them a little differently, so they had just a simple but clean looking design. There is going to be a lot going on with the flowers, so I wanted to simplify in a few places where I could. 

folding napkins

I left the moss in the tray because yellow and green just go together so well for Spring and Summer decor…or any time, really! It was the perfect base for what I was about to do next.

I had found some doilies at the Dollar Tree and they were kind of thin, so I just stacked a couple on either side of the tray. I gathered all the vases I had and even though they weren’t the exact same shapes and sizes, I visually balanced them by putting the taller thinner ones on the outside and the shorter ones in the middle. I added some birds that I usually keep in my office. The small birds were my Grandmother’s, so they added a special touch to the tablescape. I showed these off  in my 4 Must Have Home Decor Items post. I just love them.

Next, I added some candles and extra touches of florals and fresh lemons. 

home decor with lemons

I added the water to the vases and out come the flowers. The lower the florals are to the top of the vase, the more full they will appear, so I trimmed these to be just right for the vases they were going in. I used yellow flowers and sunflowers on the outer vases and then white flowers in the center. I added a few sprigs of greenery and some name tags for the place settings. 

how to decorate for a dinner party

Here is a closeup of those magnolia leaves that I turned into nametags. I cleaned off the leaves and wrote the names in cursive using a white chalk marker. Didn’t cost a thing and makes a really elegant touch to this tablescape. Now, let’s have a look at the before and after!

name card ideas

// before

before and after dining room

// after

amazing dining room before and after

// cost of project

For cost of this project, I ended up buying new was the $5 mat and $20 worth of flowers. The lemons were a couple dollars. This ended up being really low cost. As you can see, with a small investment in some fresh flowers and using the vases and other decor items from around your house, you can get a really beautiful and totally different look with your dining room table.

cheap dinner table set up

It is so fun using fresh flowers for Summer decorations in the dining room because you will be dining there and can enjoy the beautiful flowers and their beautiful scents. They are also so elegant to set the table with while you are entertaining and make a great conversation piece. Or in my case the dining room is right next to the front door, so I get to enjoy them every day when I walk in or out of the house. They fill the whole dining room with a fresh floral aroma and I love how Summery it looks and smells!

If you like home decor videos, make sure to check out my master bedroom makeover series. It is a 4-part video series where you get to join me on the creative journey of redecorating my master bedroom and it is an awesome before and after! I will link that video series RIGHT HERE for you. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a very happy day! 

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