Smell Good All Summer Long!

Do you want to smell good all Summer long? Well, I have some of what I consider to be the best smelling perfumes of all time. These summer fragrances all have scents that will bring you those carefree summer vibes. I will also give you a look at how I organize my perfume collection. So, if you are wanting ideas for your fragrance storage or If you are looking for a signature summertime scent or just want some ideas for a new summer perfumes to add to your collection, then keep reading. Or if you prefer to watch, check out the video I created below!

Let’s start with a look at my perfume collection. I have it towards the back of my closet on an empty shelf. I have a few little trays to organize group a few things together and the trays just give the space a cleaner look. I have a few small rollerballs here in a tray. I will be going into detail on a few of those that have made it onto the summer scent favorites list. I have quite a few samples and small bottles here because I like to try before I buy, so I invest in the samplers before getting a large bottle since perfume is so expensive!

perfume organization

I made that floral wall art and if you want to make one for yourself, I have a tutorial RIGHT HERE!

perfume collection organization

Ok let’s get right into these recommendations I have for you for the best summer scents. When I think of Summer, I think of driving with the top down, tropical vacations, time by the pool with a fruity drink in hand, fresh clean beach towels and summer florals. So what better way to celebrate Summer than by embracing these scents, in an understated way, of course. 

// Kate spade walk on air

My first go to for Summer is Kate Spade Walk on Air. The light blue shade of this bottle is so pretty and I love the black plastic bow on top. This perfume is sweet and light but not overly sweet because the layers of floral deepen the scent. It has lily of the valley which is the flower of happiness and joy, magnolia, violet and white iris.  I would describe it as a graceful elegant scent and its very fresh. Sometimes floral scents can be too heavy but this one is really light which makes it perfect for Summer.


// nest

Another brand I really love are the Nest scents. I have several of them in these roller balls, but I picked the two I felt were more appropriate for Summer. If you don’t want something floral or sweet and want something a little more rich, these are for you. These two are warm and spicy in case thats what you think of when you think of Summer. 

Indigo has a yummy spicy scent to it. The key notes are bergamot, moroccan tea, cardamom and wild fig.

Midnight Fleur is a little more intense than Indigo. It has a woodsy scent, patchouli, and black amber and then some jasmine and vanilla orchid. This is definitely more bold but very unique.

These Nest scents really last a long time on the skin, especially that Midnight Fleur. Sometimes I’ll still be able to smell it on me the next day. So, a little of these goes a long way.

// lavanila

Let’s move on to something a little lighter. Some people love vanilla scents and others hate them and think they are too sweet. I personally love sweet vanilla scents, but I have found a couple toned down versions of vanilla with the Lavanila brand. What I love about Lavanila is that they focus on fresh and pure ingredients. So, if you’re looking for say a more natural scent, this one would be for you.  They replace the harsh chemicals that are usually found in perfumes with natural products like antioxidants, vitamins and natural oils. They are safe, non-toxic and non-irritating, so these are also great if you have sensitive skin. They have a pure vanilla scent, but the Vanilla Coconut and Vanilla Grapefruit are perfect for Summer in my opinion. They break up that sugary sweetness of vanilla and make it lighter and fresher and more tropical. Lavanila also makes natural deoderants and body butters, which I have tried and love so check them out if you’re into vanilla scents.

// pacifica

Next up is the Pacifica brand. I have two favorites here. They are very sweet and very tropical. You will feel like you are on vacation on the beach putting on some yummy scented sunscreen and holding a pina colada. These are just super fun scents if you don’t want anything too serious of mysterious. These are just right out there saying summer fun and their names say it all. 

The Indian Coconut Nectar smells warm and toasty like fresh toasted coconut, and has delicate vanilla notes. It just smells very exotic. I also saw they make a body butter in this scent, so if you like layering this would be a good one and the scent would last even longer.

Hawaiian Ruby Guava is super tropical and smells like sweet juicy guava and citrusy pomelo. These are just so yummy and if you want to be unapologetic about being excited that Summer is here, then these are for you.

// aerin

My favorite Summer scent of all time are these from the Aerin line. Aerin Lauder is the granddaughter of Estée Lauder and is the owner of her own luxury lifestyle brand with the Aerin perfume collection being part of that brand. I saw these at Neiman Marcus and, first of all, their perfume display is gorgeous. The full size bottles look just like these. The stones at the top are all different colors based on the scent and I want to collect all of them but they are pricey! I think full size bottles start at around $130 and go up from there. So, I am sampling a few to decide which one I will purchase the full size of some day.

The entire Aerin line has a wide variety of scents from very floral to fresh and clean, to sweet and light. I think I have smelled all of them at the store! But these are the three I picked out as the best scents for Summer. 

Meditteranean Honeysuckle is my personal favorite of all that I have tested. I love the bright blue stone on top and if it reminds you of Greece, that is exactly what this perfume is meant to do. This smells like honeysuckle, grapefruit, Italian bergamot, mandarin oil, lily of the valley and gardenia. It is floral, yet has a citris vibe to it so it isn’t overpowering. 

But Summer is all about flowers, so if you love floral scents and are wanting a new one for summer, these next two are for you. 

Hibiscus Palm has this gorgeous deep peachy coral stone on top and I would describe this as a powdery floral scent.  The notes are lotus flower, hibiscus palm accord and coconut milk and definitely smells like a lush tropical island without being too in your face about it. To offset the floral scent, there is a slight vanilla musk in the background.

Lilac Path, also from the Aerin line, has a pretty light pink stone on the top. Just want to mention these aren’t real stones they are just made to look like they are. But Lilac Path smells like delicate lilac petals, jasmine and orange flower. This is a very crisp and delicate floral scent. I would call this very pure in floral and just a really beautiful scent.

So, I want to know what your go-to Summer scent is? Let me know in the comments section below. I just did a summer tablescape so if you are wanting more Summer inspiration, make sure to check that out RIGHT HERE! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a very happy day! 

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