Fall Coffee and Hot Cocoa Bar | Pumpkin Hot Chocolate Recipe

When Fall rolls around, it means the holidays are coming, like Thanksgiving, where there may be family and friends visiting your home. It’s always nice to do a few extra things when getting your home ready for holiday guests to make them feel special.

My parents recently stayed over for a few days and one thing I put together was a Fall coffee and hot cocoa bar. I also tried out a delicious pumpkin hot chocolate recipe, which I share below. I did a video, so you can see the hot chocolate bar come together. And you can download a free printable of the cute custom cocoa K-Cup designs.  

Ok, now let’s get into the 5 easy steps to get your hot chocolate bar party ready. Here is my little coffee bar area. It is a short countertop in the kitchen dedicated to the Keurig. I have my mugs above and the pods in a drawer below. But we are going to set things up a little differently, so things are easy to find for your Fall guests. But first…we must clean!

Keurig coffee bar area

// tidy the space

If you are like me, that Keurig does get dirty really easily. Along with the countertops around it where the coffee can make splashes that are hard to see. I cleaned this area up and wiped down the Keurig to make it look nice and tidy.

// let’s decorate!

So, we want to make this coffee/hot cocoa area Fall inspired, so I brought out some nice fall decorations and pumpkins to spice the area up a bit and added some functional items to hold toppings for our hot cocoa and coffee! I found the owl jar, sign, basket and ribbon at Walmart. The glass tray, pumpkins and candlestick are from Target. I dressed up that basket from Walmart with some ribbon and it goes perfectly with my yellow and gold theme.

fall coffee bar setup

// custom k-cups

I wanted a yellow and gold theme and since all the K-cups sitting out are hot cocoa, I made a few custom labels for the top. I just stuck them on with a little tape so they can easy be pulled off before going into the Keurig. I put some cute sayings on there and they are way more fun than the plain old regular Keurig labels. I did a free printable template for you, in case you want to print these out yourself.

// custom mug tags

You know how at parties those little wine glass tags come in handy? Well, I wanted to do that for the mugs. So, I made 4 little tags for each of the guests and tied them around the bottom of the mugs. I got those tags at the Dollar Tree. Just a fun way to keep everyone’s mug straight in the morning when we are all half awake. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a little handwritten name tag makes your guests feel special.

mug tags labels

// the setup

I used little glass jars that I found at Dollar Tree to hold some of the toppings. Now we just set up all the toppings and add some extra spoons for stirring. And a little fork for stabbing those marshmallows, which I really enjoy doing! I thought the cinammon and Ghiradelli white chocolate chips would be great in either coffee or hot cocoa, but let me share this quick home made pumpkin white hot chocolate recipe because it is SO easy to whip up and SO good!!

pumpkin hot chocolate

// pumpkin hot white chocolate recipe


for toppings

  • Almond Milk Reddi-Whip

  • Cinammon Sugar

  • Cinammon Sticks


  1. First, you will combine the milk, pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, and vanilla.

  2. Heat over medium heat whisking until the mixture begins to simmer.

  3. Add in those white chocolate chips and stir until it is melted and blended.

  4. Ladel into cups and garnish with whipped topping, dust with pumpkin pie spice or cinammon sugar and cinammon sticks. Or you could put a few marshmallows in there…mmmm.

With this special morning setup and homemade warm drink, your guests will feel so cared for. If you liked this Fall recipe and DIY, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and blog, so you can get plenty more inspiration for the holidays. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a very happy day!

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