5 ways an Apple Watch will CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Will having an Apple Watch change your life? I’m going to share 5 things I have noticed since I’ve had the Apple Watch for several months now and I will let you know if I think it’s worth the money. I have shared my favorite Apple Watch Apps, so make sure to check that post out too. I did a video going into more details, so if you want to check that out, here is the video.

1 // It can be really annoying

When you strap an Apple Watch to your wrist, you realize it can be really annoying. I am someone who has my ringer on my phone turned off at all times. I have most of my notifications turned off on my phone and I even dislike getting those little red dots on the corner of the app icons, so I have all those types of notifications turned off too. Basically, I like to be in control of when I check things on my phone, I don’t want a device telling me when to check. The Apple Watch comes with pretty much all the notifications turned on and then you have to decide how many audio alerts or taps on the wrist you want. Yes, that was a surprise when my watch started tapping me on my wrist to make my turn while driving. So, there was a learning curve when I first got my Apple Watch to figure out how to apply the watch notification system to best fit my lifestyle and to also figure out where I was willing to start receiving notifications, since the watch is just so handy in that way. This balance of convenience versus annoyance is going to be different for everyone but it’s essential to figure out before you can be entirely happy with your Apple Watch. 

apple notifications

2 // no more excuses

You will have no excuse to be late or not respond right away. You will find that your Apple Watch has this creepy way of always knowing where you are and anticipating what you might need. For example, I go to the gym during the week on my lunch break and usually come right back home after my workout. Somehow, my watch knew this and as I got in my car after my workout, I noticed it would always ask me if I wanted directions home. With the notifications for your calendar always on your wrist, you will be reminded when to leave for your appointment based on traffic, so there is no excuse to be late anymore. I have the watch with the gps and cellular, so it never goes out of service, so there really is NO excuse. I don’t have the email alerts popping up on my watch, but I do have IM alerts, so there really isn’t much of an excuse for a lag in response time there either. I love the way it is so easy to speak a message into your watch and it types it out for you. You also have the option to write with your fingertip and after some practice, the watch is really good at recognizing what letters I am writing out. So, with all these alerts and just the convenience of it being attached to your arm, there is no escape of excuses of being late or unresponsive.

3 // you become less dependent on carrying your phone

I always needed to have my iPhone out while shopping, or if I was waiting for a call, I would have it nearby. Now I feel I can pretty much do anything without my phone especially since I have the gps + cellular version of the Apple Watch. I usually do throw my phone into my purse, but there are times I just leave it at home and have even had lengthy conversations on my watch because I didn’t have my phone on me. I was really surprised at how decent a phone call can be on my watch. You do have the option to switch a call from your watch to phone. This is really handy because I used to have to run across the house to answer my phone but now I just answer from my wrist and if I know it’s going to be a long conversation, I will switch to my phone. I have my calendar, contacts, to do list, grocery list, pedometer, phone, and gps all right there on my wrist, so there is not much need for a phone anymore when I am out and about, which is really freeing!

4 // i am inspired to…not be lazy?

With my new Apple Watch, I am inspired to do more exercise, otherwise I will be reminded to not be lazy. Basically, Siri and I have a different relationship now. She is like a fitness coach and tells me when she notices I’ve been sitting too long, or if my heart rate is going up I get asked if I’m stressed and need to breathe it out. Yeah, it’s just different, it’s a different relationship now with Siri. But the reminders on exercise have really been motivating and  that is the main reason I like my Apple Watch. I love being able to log my fitness and see the high and low heart rates I had during that particular exercise. I like seeing my activity at a glance so I know where I need to step it up for the day. It shows the breakdown based on movement, which correlates most to a typical pedometer counting steps. It shows my overall exercise for the day  where I have to get my heart rate into a certain range for it to count. And then the standing ring in the middle shows where I have stood for at least 1 minute each hour, at least 12 hours a day.

This is great because I work from home and it is very easy to just sit at my desk all day, so having this reminder at 10 til the end of the hour to stand up gets me out of my chair and I do a quick walk around my house before I am back at my computer again. Which is way better than had I just stayed sitting that whole time. These exercise settings can be adjusted to whatever your personal goals are, but after years of having a FitBit and using my iPhone with various apps to calculate my fitness, this is such a huge improvement on tracking my health and fitness.

5 // Do I need AirPods?

Now I feel conflicted as to whether I need AirPods…or any other cool accessory Apple comes out with to make my watch experience even better. So, now that I have had my Apple Watch for several months, I have found I use it as a phone and I want to listen to music when I go for a walk or run. I’m starting to wonder if I need the AirPods for the phone calls and outdoor exercise. I think there could be an issue with using them with some of the equipment at my gym because the audio guidance on the gym equipment does not operate wirelessly. Plus, they are just another thing I would have to carry around, which takes away from the freedom that the Apple Watch gives you. Then they are another thing I would have to charge. Not to mention they are really expensive for headphones at $159! I don’t think I need them and I probably won’t get them. But it makes me wonder what Apple will come out with next to go along with the Apple Watch. That is the thing with Apple, they make such cool products that you just keep going back for more. 

// conclusion

So, has my Apple watch changed my life? In small ways, yes. Is it a must have? No, this is definitely a nice to have accessory, not a need to have. I did a review of my favorite apps on the Apple Watch, shortly after I got it and at that time I also mentioned I felt it was a nice to have and not a must have. So, even after a few more months of use, my opinion on that has not changed. I haven’t become super attached to it or anything, but I still appreciate the benefits that the Apple Watch has brought to my life. If you are in the market for a new watch, I would consider you look at the option of having a smart watch because if you’re going to put something on your wrist every day, might as well have it be as functional as possible.

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