Easy Easter DIY Project | How To Sew a Pillow By Hand

Welcome to Spring! I have a fresh new look on my YouTube channel and Instagram to celebrate the Spring season. I also have a fresh DIY for you on how to sew a cute bunny pillow by hand. I have very little experience in sewing, so if you have no sewing experience either, you’ll see how easy it can be to put a pillow together. I’m going to recreate an Easter pillow I saw at Nordstrom for half the cost and I think mine might be even cuter. I did a video tutorial, in case you want to see the bunny pillow making in action. I also have a printable below for the bunny template, in case you want to make one of these for yourself. 

This project took me a little over an hour to create, but if you’re used to sewing you might be able to get this done a little quicker. Let’s go over the materials you’ll need for this project.

// Materials needed

how to make your own pillow


// step 1

bunny pillow diy

The first step is to measure out the grey fabric. I wanted the pillow to be around the same size as the one from Nordstrom, so 12”x24”. I gave myself a few extra inches on either side for using the Heat n Bond. If you measure once, just fold the fabric underneath and then you only have to cut once for both sides. You don’t have to cut perfectly because the seams will be on the inside of the pillow.


// step 2

make your own pillows

Next, I drew out a couple versions of the bunny shape and once I was happy with the shape, I cut the template out of the paper. I created a downloadable template for you to make it a little easier if you are creating your own bunny pillow. I took my template and traced the bunny onto one of the pieces of fabric and laid the other pieces of fabric underneath, so I didn’t have to cut them all separately.


// step 3

ironing pillow

I gave the bunnies and the grey fabric a good iron with steam, before starting the Heat n Bond process, because you can’t use steam with that product. 


// step 4

heat n bond

Then I cut the Heat n Bond into strips to fit the bunnies and ironed them down. It takes about 3 seconds at medium heat to create the seal, but I did have to go over a few places for a little longer than 3 seconds. When the bunnies were all glued down, I drew on their faces with the brown marker. 


// step 5

make an easter pillow

Then it was time to iron the edges of the pillow together. I flipped the pillowcase inside out and used the Poly-Fil to stuff it, then I had to seal the final edge which was a little tricky when it was filled. I ended up finding that using the Heat n Bond in small sections worked best. I knew I would be using the trim, so it was ok that it wasn’t perfect since I would sewing it anyway.

how to use heat n bond


// step 6

boho fringe

The final step is to sew on the fringe. I found this white boho looking tassel border at Joannes. You only need about 24”, but I doubled mine up to make it look fuller. I hand sewed this on with some white thread and the border did a nice job of hiding the seams on both sides of the pillow.

Artboard 5 copy 17.png

Here is the finished product compared to the original pillow from Nordstrom. For half the cost, we have a cute little bunny pillow. Here is a link the original pillow in case you don’t want to spend an hour on this project!

Bunny pillow from Nordstrom

But I do hope this showed you that you don’t need to be really good with a needle and thread to make a copycat of a pillow you can find at Nordstrom. It was half the cost and could be less if you already had some spare fabric sitting around, so overall I think it was worth the time spent making it, because it is a really good dupe to the original. 

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