Elegant red and gold Christmas tablescape | Holiday table decor

I did a centerpiece last week for my small dinette area and now I am moving on to my formal dining room, which will get a lot of attention during the holidays. So, I want to dress it up with a very elegant red and gold tablescape. I did a video showing how I transitioned from my fall tablescape into my Christmas tablescape, so you can watch this if you want to see the whole process from start to finish.

For fall, I had created this simple, yet elegant tablescape with the gourds and white pumpkins from Target. Most everything came from Home Goods or Target. If you want the details and want to see how I decorated the rest of my home for fall, I will link that post right here. I have loved how this looked for the past month or so, but I am in the holiday spirit, so let’s switch it up.

fall tablescape

So, the first thing I did was clean off my fall decorations. I think I will reuse the tray because having a tray on top of the tablecloth creates a nice unified space to collect all the small items that add to the cheer. I know I will be using ornaments so it will keep them in place and not have them rolling off the table during dinner. I had bought this large box of vase filler at Home Goods and kept the box, so I pulled that back out to store them away until after the holidays. I will use two of those candles because they will add some height to the tablescape without being intrusive to dinner conversations. This is a great time to go ahead and clean and iron your table linens and wash those dishes. Also it’s a good time to give the table a good dusting like I did here. I am using the Method Wood for Good Daily Clean with a microfiber cloth.

I found this velour table runner at Home Goods for under 20 dollars. It is from the Cynthia Rowley brand and is a really great size and high quality. I grabbed that tray and the candles to start this project. I found this reindeer centerpiece at Michaels, but if you can’t find this exact one, really any nice large piece in the center will look good. Last year I used an angel tree topper and she looked really pretty there too.


I found these individual pieces of garland in a pack of 20 at Target. They are perfect for a tablescape, so you can customize them to fit. I worked with these for a little bit and tried to keep things symmetrical on the table until I got them looking just right around the candles. Then I incorporated some gold and red glass ornaments that I found at Target and made sure to point the area for the hook downwards. Wherever there was garland that you could see the stem, I used these poinsettias to hide the stems and also to hide anywhere else that looked unfinished.

I found these bells at Target and used them to fill in any other empty spaces. They are gold so they blend in nicely with the tray and add a nice texture to the whole tablescape.

Next, I brought out the placemats and dinnerware. I like that I have a gold palette as my base for all my décor because then I don’t have to spend money on new placemats or napkins for each season. I folded the napkin and tucked it under the plates and then took the napkin ring and placed these small trees in the center. I found these little bottle brush trees at Target in a pack of 4. Next I put out these red glitter coasters that I found in the dollar section at Target and placed some wine glasses on top.


And here is a close up of the finished product! So elegant and simple and I love the individual attention to each place setting with those little trees.

I hope my tablescape gave you some creative ideas for your holiday decorating. If you want to see how I decorated my dinette area, I did a video on that and will link that DIY video here. It was only $10 and super easy to make with my Dollar Tree finds. Let me know what you think of this tablescape in the comments section below. I am wanting to build a happy community here on Artsy Cupcake, so I would love to get to know you. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a very happy day!