Neutral fall decorating ideas | Dining room fall décor

Are you looking for some quick ideas to decorate your home for fall? I have some really neutral elegant design ideas to share with you. I found everything at Home Goods and Target, so if you want some ideas to decorate your home, then come take a look around. I also created a video on neutral fall decorating ideas to go along with this post.

There is a short window to enjoy all things fall, especially here in Texas, where it’s still 90 degrees. But I wanted to find some budget friendly ways to switch up the décor and add a bit of fall cheer to the home.

// Let’s start at the front door

I found this huge wreath at Home Goods for $39.99. I think the one-color theme is really simple and elegant and I love how it has this little wooden sign on it that says “thankful”. It is made with corn husks and wheat and I just used a zip tie to tie it to the door.

Home Goods fall wreath

Another cheap item to add for front door fall décor is a potted mum. They always come out around fall and are great to set on your front porch with or without a pumpkin. They usually have colors that range from purple, white, orange and reds. But, if you want a nice neutral look, you could go with white pumpkins and white mums on your front door step. So easy and really inexpensive.

// Fall dining room decor

Now, I don’t like to go too crazy on the decorations. Just a touch of fall elegance is what I’m going for. We don’t use the formal dining room very often, but around the holidays we do have guests, so I wanted to dress it up with something that would work all the way through Thanksgiving. Since I have a very simple neutral and grey palette, I don’t want to add anything that will clash for fall. I also didn’t want to spend a fortune or have tons of fall decorations that would just be stored in a closet later. I took the existing runner, tray and candle holders and embellished them a bit. I added the decorative place settings and some pumpkins, gourds and foliage to the mix. 

Fall tablescape
Home Goods bowl filler

The gourds are a blue grey color and are from Target at $14.99 each. The little grey pumpkins are also from Target and were $9.99 each. The botanical bowl filler came from Home Goods and was $14.99.

// Now on to the living room

Since this is the central room in the house, I felt it and the dining room were the main places that we would enjoy the décor, so that’s where I decided to focus most of the effort. Don’t feel you have to decorate every room in the house – just go for your most used rooms.

The mantle is usually decorated very simple for most of the year. I don’t like a lot of clutter – less stuff to dust, right? So, I normally just have glass bases for the candles and a little wooden clock. To make this warm and cozy for fall, I swapped out the glass candle bases with some dark wood ones that I found at Target for $12.99 each and added the white pumpkins from Home Goods that were only $7.99 each.

Neutral fall decoration for fireplace mantle

Right next to the mantle is our main tv and above the tv we have some decorations. All I did here is add this cute wooden sign from Home Goods that was only $3.99. The white sign really pops and ties in with those white pumpkins on the mantle.

Living room neutral fall decor

// Kitchen table 

The last spot I decorated was on the kitchen table. I didn’t want anything that would take up too much room since we use the space a lot. I had this round glass vase and just added these little felt plaid pumpkins from Target that were $6 for a pack of 8. I added these battery-operated rattan ball lights which were $8 and this easy fall DIY just looks so cute and festive.

// Other tips for fall cheer

Another idea to get your home ready for fall is to change the lighting in your house. A lot of homes use CFLs, or fluorescent lightbulbs now, and that’s a great way to save on electricity costs. The CFLs do give off a white, bright, crisp light. But when I think of fall, I think of warmth and fires and being toasty and well, warm colors just come to mind. A super cheap way to change the aura of your home and add that fall warmth is to switch out your lightbulbs for a couple months. The atmosphere and mood will change just from this small switch and you can always go back to your other bulbs when you want to change things up again. It’s just a really simple and cheap way to bring some warmth into your home.

And, of course, when you walk in the door of your house, you want to have warm cozy scents filling your home. I like to buy these scented plug ins. This year Glade had two new scents. Warm Flannel Embrace is the first one – what does warm flannel smell like, you might ask? Well, it says fern, sandalwood and cardamom. I would describe it sort of like a clean, warm shirt smell. It’s good though. The other one is Cozy Autumn Cuddle – love these names. This one smells like heirloom pumpkin, caramel and spice. Or use a diffuser to give off cinnamon, pumpkin, woodsy or firewood smells. Whichever oils you prefer to add to make your own custom fall scent. Another way to make your house smell good is to bake something – like pumpkin bread or something with cinnamon. It will fill your home with natural fall scents. 

So, there were some neutral fall décor ideas and a few other tips to get your home ready for fall. If you enjoyed reading this, please share it with a friend. Also, let us know your favorite ways to get your home ready for fall in the comments section below. Thanks for reading and have a happy day!