Amazon Prime clothing try on 2018 | Fall clothing haul

I’ve been hearing a lot about clothing and I was curious to explore their styles and see the quality of their clothes. So, I went and made a huge purchase of 18 items, including some tops, sweaters and over the knee boots. So, if you want the scoop on clothing, then keep reading for my review. I also did a full try on of these clothing in this video.

I’ve been a member of Amazon Prime since college – so a long time. Of course, I love the free 2 day shipping, but there are other perks to a Prime membership, like access to Prime Music and Prime Video. You also get 10% off your Whole Foods purchases and lots of other little perks. With Prime Wardrobe, Prime members can select 3-8 items of clothing, try them on within 7 days and easily return what they don’t want. So, it sounds kind of like a custom style box. But really, you don’t have to be a Prime member to do this – you can just go to and purchase a bunch of clothes that have free shipping and send back what you don’t want. I went over the 8 item limit, so technically I didn’t have a Prime Wardrobe purchase, but I wanted to show you the 18 items I got, and go into how they fit and a little bit about the quality. To give you an idea on price, the shirts range from around $10 to $20 dollars. I will link the items as I am writing about them.


Item 1

Striped shirt

The first item is this long sleeve tee shirt from Blooming Jelly. It has brown and white stripes and little brown elbow patches. The shirt is nice and long and the sleeves are a good length. The elbow patches are a soft suede type material. Very nice quality.


Item 2

Leopard print scarf

Item 2 is this lightweight leopard print scarf. I didn’t realize it had the animals on it from the photo, but I think it makes it kind of interesting. It is a nice size and the quality felt good too.


Item 3

Color block top

Item 3 is this color block polyester top. It’s very lightweight and even though it’s polyester, it still felt breathable. It comes in many different colors and is great for layering.


Item 4

Knit sweater

Item 4 is this mustard colored acrylic knit sweater. The polka dots are cute, but the sleeves are long and the sweater is short. It had a weird smell too. Definitely sending that one back.


Item 5

Button down blouse

Item 5 is a button down navy and white blouse from the Grapent brand. The sleeves didn’t feel finished around the wrist and the material felt a bit cheap. I wasn’t impressed with this one either.


Item 6

Polka dot tunic

Item 6 is this polka dot tee shirt. It was a little large, I may even describe this as a tunic. The material is a little stiff for cotton, but the detail on the sleeves was nicely done. Overall a nice top.

sole society loafers

Item 7

Sole Society loafers

Item 7 are these Sole Society shoes which are velour and ocean blue. They are just gorgeous little pointed loafers that are so comfortable. They have a higher price tag at $89.

black and white stripe tee shirt

Item 8

Striped tee shirt

Item 8 is this tee shirt from YunJay with black, white and grey stripes. I love this shirt. It is such soft cotton and it’s made so well. They had a variety of colors too. This will be great for layering in the fall.

geode necklace

Item 9

Geode necklace

Item 9 is the geode necklace I’m wearing in several of these outfits. I like how the chain has the added dots to dress it up. They had this with different colored geodes too. It seems like it’s solidly made.

suede pocket shirt

Item 10

Color block teeshirt

Item 10 is another really soft teeshirt which would be great for layering. It is from the Sampeel brand and came in a lot of different colors. I love the little suede feeling pocket and the material is so soft! Really high quality for the price!

black lace shirt

Item 11

Black shirt with lace detail

Item 11 is this black shirt which has this lace detail on the sleeve. It looks similar to that polka dot one but it is a different brand. This one is a much softer cotton, not stiff like the polka dot one. I love the length on this shirt and it is really high quality.

wool camel coat

Item 12

Wool blend overcoat

Item 12 is this Gesellie camel wool blend overcoat. I wanted to try something on that was a higher price tag and this was $70. But I was not really impressed. It felt cheap – like felt you would buy at a craft store and it had a weird smell like that other item. The sleeves were also really short.

green teeshirt buttons

Item 13

Green long sleeve

Underneath the jacket is item 13, which is a green cotton top with buttons as details on the side. There is a little triangular patch at the top made of a suede like material. This is really soft and comfortable! I love it.

floral long sleeve shirt

Item 14

Floral long sleeve shirt

Item 14 is from Gadewake and is a long sleeve cotton shirt with panels of floral fabric in the sleeves. The sleeves felt a little wide at the top, but other than that the shirt felt well made and of good quality materials.

peter pan collar dress

Items 15&16

Peter Pan collar dress and Top Moda boots

Item 15 is this black Peter Pan collar dress. It is super soft cotton and the only thing I don’t like about it is that sleeve length. Other than the sleeves, this is a great quality dress though.

Item 16 are those boots, which I don’t really like styled with this dress. I bought 3 pairs of nude over the knee boots since I have never tried them on and they seem to be all the rage right now. This first pair, styled with the black dress, are from the Top Moda brand and felt a little baggy and thick for my liking.

over the knee boots

Item 17

Premier Standard over the knee boots

Item 17 is this second pair of boots and they are my favorite of the 3. They’re from the Premier Standard brand and are vegan. I would be more likely to style them with a dress like this, which I got about a year ago from the loft. These boots have a tie in the back so you can tighten them around your thigh and the material is soft and they felt like very good quality.

over the knee nude boots

Item 18

Refresh Footware boots

And the final item are these boots from Refresh Footware. They are a little baggy and go up pretty high on the leg. When you wear over the knee boots you want a little bit of skin to show, so your skirt would have to be pretty short to make these work. The quality felt decent and they are a very soft material and comfortable to wear, but I still like those Premier Standard ones the best. 

So, overall I was impressed with the quality of the clothing from There seemed to be about an 80% success rate for quality, so not bad. If you end up wanting to try out some clothes from Amazon, I would recommend buying several items from different brands because the quality and fit really varies. But as you saw, I found some really soft materials and well made items at a low price tag, so being patient with the online shopping and returning process can be worth it. I hope you check out some of the items I tried on and let me know which you liked best.

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