5 Tasks to Tackle for Spring Cleaning

Cleaning is hard work, so I have 5 tasks that you may have forgotten about during your regular cleanings, which are perfect to tackle in a spring cleaning session. I created a relaxing cleaning video with some soothing music, which you should definitely check out!

Before you start tackling your spring cleaning, set the goals of what you want to accomplish. Give yourself a deadline to complete the list and make each item really specific. I do cleanings of my house on a regular basis but for seasonal cleanings I try to incorporate a few places that get neglected during a typical cleaning session. Today I want to share a few easily forgotten cleaning tasks that you might want to add to your spring cleaning list too.

1 // Patio furniture and grill

clean patio furniture

Since spring is coming and the outdoor cooking will be happening more frequently, it is a great time to clean that patio with a good sweep. Wipe down the patio furniture, vacuum the outdoor rugs and clean that grill.

2 // Clean and sanitize

clean dishwasher

Clean and sanitize the laundry machine and dishwasher. Run a cycle with vinegar only in both your laundry machine and dishwasher to freshen eveything up. This will help remove any weird mildew type smells. For the dishwasher, I fill a glass with vinegar and run a cycle with only that in the top rack. For the laundry machine, I put about a cup in and run a cycle on its own. Clean the outside of the machines and wipe any gaskets, edges and buttons down too.

3 // Get pet hair off furniture

how to clean pet hair

I have two cats, so to get a really deep clean of the furniture I go in with a few steps. First I use the a sticky roller to remove any excess fur. Then I take a slightly damp paper towel and rub it over the furniture. After it dries, I use my Dyson V8 with the furniture attachment. I wash any blankets that we use with the furniture and finish with a light spray of Febreeze.

4 // Remove those germs

disinfect the house after the flu

Disinfect those door handles, faucets and light switches. Spring cleaning is a great time to disinfect everything in the house after those winter colds have finally gotten out of the house. I microwave kitchen sponges for 1 minute to get rid of germs and really give the appliances a good wipe down with my stainless steel cleaner. I use Clorox wipes to really get in there and kill any leftover germs on all door handles, knobs, light switches, keyboards and remote controls.

5 // Baseboards

how to clean baseboards

Baseboards get forgotten and can get scuffed up, and they gather dust and dirt. Magic erasers will remove those scuffs and a laundry sheet is great at removing the dust and dirt and as a bonus they smell good too! I will kneel on a towel as I go from room to room really paying attention to the details in the baseboard.

Another way to be efficient with your spring cleaning is to really set aside some time to do it with no distraction. Take half a day and put some music on and just get it done. And if you don’t have a regular schedule for your other cleaning tasks, this would be a great time to set sone cleaning goals for yourself that will happen on a weekly and monthly basis. Put them in your calendar and set a reminder! I hope this inspired you to get on your spring cleaning, if you haven’t already. Please share with us below what your favorite spring cleaning tips are! 

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