What is a ThredUp Rescue Mystery Box?

I tried a ThredUp Rescue Mystery Box. Was it good or bad? Keep reading to see what I got! Or watch the video below, to see the unboxing in action!

Welcome to Artsy Cupcake. If you’re new here, my name is Maria and I share quick tips on the art of life, home, health and style. I just did a post and video all about the selling process with ThredUp, which is an online secondhand clothing store for women and children. I also showed you my Goody Box, which works kind of like StitchFix, where a stylist picks out items they think you might like. 

Today I want to share what a ThredUp Rescue Box is, so you can figure out if it’s something you might want to try. Each Rescue Box has clothes that have been listed for a while, so it’s a little risky because what is wrong with these clothes, if no one wants them? We are going to find out. 

When you buy a Rescue Box from online secondhand store ThredUp, they donate $5 to charities, which is pretty cool. There are a lot of different types of Rescue Boxes you can choose from, such as some with just handbags, mixed clothing, just shoes in a certain size, and kids clothing. They also vary in prices and the selection changes based on what they are trying to get rid of. I went for a premium mixed clothing box and it was $50. I asked for womens clothing in medium and that was about as specific as I got. The rest was going to be a surprise. There is no return option or try for 7 days, then send back what you don’t want. It’s just you bought this little box that needed some love and hopefully everything is not ugly! But I figured 10 items at $5 each was worth the risk. So, let’s see what I got here. 

j crew plaid shirt

The first item is a plaid J.Crew shirt, but the sizing was a little off. It said boy’s size 10. 

talbots silk vest

Next, item is a striped vest from Talbots and it is made of 100% silk, so I am sure this was at least $100, when it was new.

teeshirt free spirit

Next, was a very soft teeshirt and it looked brand new.

worthington blazer

Next, is a soft brown blazer from the Worthington brand. I think the Worthington brand is from J.C. Penny and probably was around $30 when it was new. 

green cold water creek jacket

Next, is a Coldwater Creek green jacket. It is pretty cute, not sure if it is worn looking or if that is the texture of the jacket. 

calvin klein vest

Another vest and this one is from Calvin Klein. This one is pretty basic, so I think I could style it many different ways. Vests must not have been selling well this season.

wink dress

Next, is a little dress from Wink. And I say “little”, because there is not much material going on there. It’s cute but may have to wear something up top to balance out the amount of skin showing on that one.

lucky brand overalls women

I was like, really? Overalls? And not only are they overalls, but they are overalls with holes all over them. They are from Lucky Brand and still have the tags on them. They are over $100 new. I will be selling those because I don’t think I could pull off the overalls look, although some girls look super cute in them!

banana republic wide leg pants women

Next, is a pair of Banana Republic pants, which look like they have a really wide leg. 

loft striped skirt

And then a Loft skirt that has a cute pinstripe design. This skirt would be great for the office.

ann taylor skirt

And the final item is an Ann Taylor skirt, that is nice and stretchy. The beige color will go with a lot of different blouses. 

So, 11 items total. For $50, I think this was a great value. I think I could sell the items I didn’t like for more than $5 each. The sizing was a little off. I told them medium, which isn’t much for them to go off I guess, but they didn’t ask for my height or anything, so I got a few petite items and I am 5’7”, so not sure how those will fit. Then the boy’s size 10 shirt was kind of a strange one too. But overall this is a good deal and if you are wanting to stock up on something specific, say handbags or kids clothes, you can get a whole box full for a low price. I also think it would be great if you are just out of college and needing a new wardrobe for an office environment. A lot of the items I got would be great for that.

Some of the items ended up not fitting me correctly, so if you see anything you would like to inquire about purchasing, send me a note through the contact form.

Well, I hope you learned what ThredUp Rescue Boxes are all about. If you want to see more about the selling process and ThredUp goody boxes, which are more like a style box where you can send things back if you don’t like them, I have a whole post on that which I will link for you RIGHT HERE. I have a coupon code for you too, if you decide to try ThredUp out.

ThredUp $10 referral link

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