ThredUp Goody Box Unboxing and Review

I am going to give you my honest opinion on ThredUp, how it works for selling your clothes and what is a ThredUp goody box all about? Plus, what mistake did I make that you need to avoid? Keep reading to find out. I also did a video, if you want to watch the unboxing in all its live excitement!


I don’t normally buy secondhand, but when I do, I use ThredUp. I have been enjoying this service for donating or selling the clothes I don’t wear anymore and then I can take my credits and go shopping right there on the same site. The quality of the clothes I have gotten has always been good and they have a great variety from stores I already shop in like The Loft, Ann Taylor and Banana Republic. They have secondhand clothes for women, children, plus sized, juniors, maternity, accessories, shoes and even designer brands.


// Clean Out Bag

You can order a clean out bag to either donate or sell your clothing items. It’s a really large bag and I like to always keep one in my closet in case I try something on and realize I don’t like it anymore I can just toss it in the bag.

After you have your bag filled, you just go to their site and click on “Clean Out” in the navigation bar. It will show you the types of clothes they are needing and what they are looking for in quality. You can donate women’s, mens and kids clothes to charity. But for womens and kids clothes you have the option to sell for cash or ThredUp credit. It is free to have the kit shipped and processed unless you want to expedite the service for $16. You can have them recycle anything they don’t accept or have them return those items to you for a $10.99 fee.

To give you an idea of how much you get for a typical bag, I had some Forever 21, Target and Charming Charlie items mixed in with a couple higher end brand items such as Wit & Widsom. It took many months for everything to sell and for these 8 items, I got $5.63. So I couldn’t take my $5.63 too far, but this did go towards my Goody Box.

 // Goody box

So a ThredUp Goody Box works similar to most other style boxes, such as Stitch Fix or Trunk Club. You can create your own custom box by shopping on their site and adding up to 10 items. Or you can have them choose for you so that you can be surprised. They also have theme boxes, for example, boxes for winter or one called "9 to 5” for work appropriate clothes. You fill out a form saying what your sizes are and the styles you like. Then after you receive your style box, you have 7 days to return any unwanted items. Once your return is processed, your deposit will be deducted from the total cost of kept items. I have seen the deposit vary from $10 to $20 based on what promotions they have going on. Since the items are second hand, they are a little cheaper than what you would get with say Trunk Club or Stitch Fix. So, if you have put off trying fashion boxes for the price tag, then this Thred Up Goody Box might be for you. I also have a coupon code HERE if you want to try it out with a little savings too.

This was my first time getting a Thred Up Goody Box and I didn’t realize they worked this way…I thought I would just do a normal return on the items I got a few weeks later. So, since I was waiting to record my unboxing, my Thred Up box was sitting there…and sitting there.. and sitting there, until it was a good few weeks later and I opened it and read that I only had 7 days to return the items I didn’t want! So, I went to look at my credit card and there was a $500 charge! So, if you see anything you’re interested in here, maybe I can cut you a deal. I’m serious. Message me on Instagram! @artsycupcake1

// unboxing

ralph lauren blouse

So, I chose my style as glam and let’s see what they sent me. I’m not going to try everything on because you would not get any of the same items I got here in your box, but at least you can get an idea of what would come in a Thred Up Goody Box. At first glance I was impressed because I saw Ralph Lauren sitting there. It’s a nice little peplum top with a zipper in the front. They say new it was $160 and on ThredUp it is $46.99. 

Karl legerfeld

Another score on the Karl Lagerfeld blouse, this is really nice material and has a cute little detail on the sleeves. This was originally $89 but secondhand is $44.99.

wayne new york

Wayne New York was the brand for this snake skin looking tank top. Originally $400 but marked down to $56.99.


legerfeld scarf

And another Karl Lagerfeld item here. It’s a pink and grey satin scarf. Normally $196 but marked down to $37.

michael kors leather jacket

Then we have a Michael Kors leather jacket in a really dark brown color. It definitely looks really worn in. Originally it is $525 but marked down to $102.99.

amanda off the shoulder top

An Amanda Uprichard off the shoulder top. It had a small stain on it. It is originally $321 but marked to $45. 

ann taylor scarf

Then another scarf – this one from Ann Taylor and also pink and black satin. This one is regularly $50, but marked to $17.99.


Then we have a Carla Mancini pink, leather handbag. It looks pretty worn in, but in decent shape. Originally $357 but from ThredUp is $112. 


And this black bag looked brand new. It was labeled on the receipt as C. Wonder and originally $74 marked down to $24.99. But the logo inside definitely looked like it was from Charming Charlie, where it probably would be $24.99 new. 


// is a thred up goody box worth it?

It seems like there was a pink, black  and white theme to this box. I was kind of surprised that they sent me 2 similar scarves though. I would have liked a little more variety, I think. There were 9 items total and there were no weird smells to the clothes or anything. I like some items more than others, but well, I guess I’m stuck with everything. I will probably try to sell back some of the items though.

If you do try out this great service, make sure to send your items back before 7 days! The ThredUp Goody Box was a lot of fun and I would recommend it, but maybe do the custom box where you can pick your own 10 items, so there aren’t any weird surprises. 

I have a post coming up on a Thred Up Rescue Box, which was interesting. Each Rescue Box has clothes that have been listed for a while, as in, no one wants them, so this is a box of chance. So, come back to Artsy Cupcake soon, so you can see what my Rescue Box was all about!

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