Choosing a handbag for every occasion | Picking the right purse

I want to share my favorite handbags for the six categories of casual, work, travel, evening, day to night and minimalistic. Even if you don’t have the exact same bags as me, this will give you tips on which bags work for these occasions and may help you identify a hole in your purse collection. I will link all the bags throughout this post and if I can’t find the exact one, I will link something similar for you. I created a video showing off these purses, if you would like to enjoy that.

1 // Casual

Rebecca Minkoff

Darren Small Leather Feed Bag

The first category is casual bag. Now, I define this as a bag I would grab every day to run errands. Not too small, not too big just a grab and go kind of bag. It is the Rebecca Minkoff Darren Small Leather Feed bag. I got it at the Nordstrom sale, so got it at a good price too. What I like about it is, of course, the high quality pebbled leather. It feels so soft and luxurious. The strap is adjustable, so you can wear it crossbody or over your shoulder. It has a twist closure at the front and a cute little rope detail on the front as well. The grey with silver accents makes this neutral, so I wear it with everything. I just love the little studded hardware on the front. Since this is a casual bag, the inside is very simple with just one zippered pocket and an open pocket. Just a very streamlined and simple, yet elegant bag that will last me a long time because of its high quality construction.



2 // Work

Kate Spade

Margareta Tote

The second category is work. I define this as something I would take to the office with the potential to have to throw my laptop or notebook in. So, it needs to be roomy but not overwhelmingly large and it needs to be easy to transport to and from the office. I love this tote from Kate Spade. It is nylon, and since it is a tote bag it has a lot of open room on the inside to maneuver the contents around. It is a classic look and is very durable, so can handle things like laptops being thrown in. Now the material is thin, so it wouldn’t provide much protection to a computer, but it is large enough to gently transport one from home to office. Since it is so thin, it is also very lightweight so if you want something very light on your shoulder, this is a good one. It is also very simple on the inside with just one very large zippered pocket.


3 // Travel

Henri Bendel Jetsetter Convertible Nylon backpack
I think every closet should have at least one purse that can convert into a backpack. I have had so many trips out where my bag started to feel very heavy on my shoulder and I could feel my posture getting out of line. It just isn’t very comfortable to have a heavy bag strapped onto one shoulder if you are out all day, which is usually the case for days that you’re traveling. So I always make sure if I am going to be standing a lot during the day, that I have this bag because of its ability to shape shift right into a backpack. What I like about this Henri Bendel Jetsetter Convertible Nylon backpack is that you don’t have to carry extra straps to turn it into a backpack and it isn’t complicated to switch either. The same strap that is used for the shoulder or crossbody can be used as the backpack straps. Or you can take the long strap entirely off and carry by the small handles at the top. It is so versatile. It has a solid zipper and my favorite part is the bright purple on the inside. There is a zippered pocket inside as well as an open pocket. Henri Bendel also does monogramming on their purses, so you could have your initials monogrammed on the front if you wanted.


4 // Evening

Beaded bag

Similar style on Amazon here

I have had this bag since high school. I must have gotten it for a homecoming dance or something. But I did find one that is really similar and linked it here for you. I actually think the one I linked is even prettier than this one. But, the fact that I’ve had this little bag since high school and still go back to it says a lot about this bag. It’s just a classic black beaded elegant little bag that goes so well with formal wear and cocktail dresses. It has a thin rope for a strap, but this can easily be tucked in and zipped up. It is small but large enough to carry your phone and keys to a formal event. And it even has a little open pocket on the inside. Just a great bag to have in your collection.

5 // Day to night

Tory Burch

Gemini Link Small Crossbody

The Tory Burch Gemini Link Small Crossbody handbag is small as the name suggests, but it is also roomy enough on the inside to use during the day. The chain link makes this a dressy bag, but the material is very stiff and durable so using it roughly during the day will not compromise its quality or shape. I love the pattern but there is another pattern that is just gorgeous with a garden type print on it, which I will link right here.

So pretty. I love how the chain can be worn long as a cross body, doubled over for a shoulder bag or tucked in for a clutch. The inside is split into 2 sections, and it has a small open pocket and a zippered pocket. It is really a great bag, so classic.


6 // Minimal


Portable Small Crossbody Bag

When I think of minimal, I think this is what I would use when I am going out and all I want to really take with me is my phone and keys. It could be used for day or night, so it isn’t really too dressy, just a very simplistic purse made for your basic necessities. This one from Minicat is so cute and inexpensive. It is on Amazon and comes in a lot of different colors. It is very slim and I like the little cutout details and ring on the front. The strap can be adjusted for crossbody or over the shoulder and it is very lightweight. It is large enough to fit my iphone 7 and the inside is lined with a soft felt material and is split into 2 pockets. There are even 3 little slits for credit cards, so you don’t have to worry about fitting a wallet in there. I wear this when I am going out for a day trip, maybe to a park or a museum, and I want to take a few things but don’t really need much and don’t want the weight of a large bag while I am doing other activities.

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