Stitch Fix Review | Is Stitch Fix good or bad?

I have a review of Stitch Fix for you today. If you’re new to style boxes or are thinking about trying Stitch Fix, I want to tell you about my whole Stitch Fix experience to help explain how they work, so you can decide if it might be for you. I’m also going to style the pieces with other items in my closet, so you’ll get a few outfit ideas too. Hopefully, all this will help you decide if Stitch Fix is something you would find worth checking out. I did a full video review with an unboxing if you want to check it out here.

I also did a review of Trunk Club, which is another company that does style boxes. If you want to see how Stitch Fix and Trunk Club compare, you can head over to that review after reading this one. I really went into the details of how they work and if I liked the experience, but I will be doing a Trunk Club unboxing and try on in the future, so make sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss out on that.


// What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a styling box that you can schedule to show up at your doorstep as often as you like. You can pick your frequency and it isn’t a subscription. So, you could get one per year or one every week – you get to choose. You fill out a survey with your style preferences, so the Stitch Fix stylists have some sort of idea on what kind of clothes you like. They will send clothes, jewelry, shoes, and accessories, such as purses or scarves. You have the option to tell the stylist if, say you don’t want any shoes in your box, or maybe you only want silver jewelry. It is very customizable. But I encourage you not to be super picky with what you want and don’t want, because part of the fun of style boxes is trying new things that you may not have thought would look good on you.

So, after you schedule your first box, it will show up around 2 weeks later. You will get 5 items and you can try them on in your own home and pick what you want to keep. Shipping is paid for both ways and you have 3 days to decide what you want to keep before shipping back. As of today, the cost is $20 for a styling fee. If you keep at least one item from your box, this styling fee with be waived. And if you buy all 5 items, you will receive a nice 25% discount off the whole order.  

Stitch Fix is great for yourself, but with the holidays coming up, it’s also a great gift idea for someone else. And you’re not limited to only women’s clothing anymore. They have boxes for women and men of all shapes and sizes and even pregnancy boxes and boxes for kids too.

It can help you find your personal style by trying on things you may not normally think to look at, and if you gift this, then you are basically buying someone else some perfectly styled clothes. 


// How it works

So let’s get into how Stitch Fix works. First, you will go to their website and set up your style profile. They ask all kinds of questions like your height, weight, what sizes you typically wear and your proportions. Then the survey will go into how you like your clothes to fit. Tight or loose clothes, and what body parts you like to flaunt or cover up. Then it will show you some different styles and let you rate whether you would wear those particular styles or not. The styles range from romantic to boho to edgy and preppy. You get to pick where you normally shop, so they can get a feel for price range and style and then smaller details like if you have pierced ears and fabrics or prints to avoid. The next page goes into more details on how much you want to spend on each type of item. They also have a luxe program that will mix in higher end brands along with your regularly priced items.


Next, you get to schedule your fix and you can do this on a rotating schedule, where it is every few weeks, and there are monthly or quarterly options. Since this isn’t a subscription based box, you have to option to have no schedule and just pick and choose whenever you feel like getting a style box, even if it’s just once every couple of years! But you will probably like their service so much that you end up using it more frequently than that.

When you receive your box, which is usually about 2 weeks after ordering, you will have 5 items nicely packed and you have three days to decide what you are keeping and what you are sending back. The clothes will come in a nice little box, everything is wrapped in tissue paper and there is a little note from your stylist is in there. I love how they have the ideas on how to style your outfits on these cards. I do wish they had a record of items you’ve bought in the past so they could make really customized style cards by incorporating some of the other Stitch Fix items you’ve kept.

After picking your items, you go to their website, and when you check out can give feedback on the items you receive so they know what brands you have had success with or if they need to send a different size next time. You can also add notes for your next box with specific instructions, like say you are really needing a pair of black jeans, then they can send a pair that they think you might like in your next box.

// Stylists

So more about the stylists. I had the same issue with Stitch Fix stylists as I did with Trunk Club. This was really my only complaint. My stylists have switched up pretty much with every box. I have heard other people having the same stylist for a long time, but this wasn’t my experience, unfortunately. I think you can get a much better, more curated box if the stylists have a more personal connection and understanding of you. Yes, they can go check out your social media accounts you have connected, or the new stylist could look at the notes from your past orders, but I really wanted to build a relationship with my stylist and I haven’t had the chance to make that happen. I will say with Stitch Fix, they seemed to stay with the same consistent fashion style they had been sending me from stylist to stylist. So, I do know what to expect in my boxes.


// Quality of clothes

Next, we will talk about the quality of the clothes. I have really had great luck with everything Stitch Fix has sent me. There were a couple times they were sending really thin materials and I wanted more substantial and structured pieces, so I made sure to request that for my next box. But overall I have always felt the items were well very made. Some brands I recognize and others I don’t, but they are all very nicely made. So, high marks on quality. I have found some brands that I consistently go back to because of my Stitch Fix style boxes, so getting these boxes has been worth it to me overall.


// Styling the items in my box

Next, we will go into the items being styled with each other and I also threw in a few pieces that I already own to complete the outfits. I will put links for everything I can find, and if it isn’t available, I will find similar items for you.


The first item is from the Violets and Roses brand. This burgundy, ¾ length sleeve with lace detail is cotton and has a lot of extra fabric making it very loose and flowy. It is lightweight and breathable and felt soft and comfortable. I liked all the details from the lace at the top, to the band of embroidery around the waist area. It has a keyhole and button in the back to fasten it closed. I really like this top and will be keeping it. It is $46.

I styled Violets and Roses burgundy top with the second item in my Stitch Fix box, those green pants, which ended up fitting pretty well. The pants are a stretch cotton fabric and are from the brand Market and Spruce. They are very comfortable. This outfit is very fall, with the deeper jewel toned colors. I kept with the fall theme by adding some browns with this plaid scarf and a pair of dark brown military style boots. These pants are $78 and I already own a pair of dark green pants, so I will be sending those back.


The third item is the burgundy tank top. It has a v-neckline that wraps in a criss cross fashion in the front. More fitted than drapey and since it has a lower neckline I added a larger necklace to fill in the space around my neck. I added my circle cardigan from Barefoot Dreams, which I pretty much live in all fall. I thought the lighter color over the burgundy top brightened up the whole outfit. I added some black booties to finish off this outfit. These pants are the perfect length for these black booties. This tank top is from West Kei and is $38 which seems like a good price because the fabric is really soft. But I just didn’t love this item enough to keep it, so it’s going back.


The fourth item is a black and white plaid top from Abbey Rose. It looks like a regular teeshirt, but is much thicker than a basic cotton teeshirt. It has a zipper on the back and is very stiff cotton. Something about this top just screamed that it needed to go with a skirt and tights. So that’s what I did here. I added my Tory Burch wedges with the gold logo to go with my necklace. It is just a little more dressed up this way, but I love that you can wear this top dressed up or you could pair with those green pants and it would be a more casual look. I am on the fence with this top, I may keep it. It’s $38, so not too bad for a shirt that is so versatile.


The fifth and final item is the grey cardigan. It is from The Mix by 41 Hawthorn. It doesn’t have any kind of fastener or buttons in the front, it is just an open cardigan. Initially, the fabric feels soft because it is a brushed cotton, but when I put it on I noticed the inside was not the same as the outside, it was rough and scratchy on the inside and just felt cheap and uncomfortable. When I first took it out of the box it looked short, but when I put it on it wasn’t as short as I thought. The sleeves were very short. They go up about 2 inches from my wrist. I styled it here with a pair of my Kut from the Kloth jeans and a white cotton tank top and a turquoise scarf. I also have these beige desert boots, which I just love for casual fall outfits. The cardigan is $38, which I think it overpriced for the quality of the item, so I am not keeping this one.

So, there was my review on Stitch Fix and you even got a few outfit ideas out of this review. If you want to check out my Trunk Club review to compare the two, I will link it below. Also, I am leaving the link to both Stitch Fix and Trunk Club below, in case you want to sign up or give this as an awesome gift for someone else. You could gift them one box or a set of a few boxes, either way I bet they will be happy!



Review of Trunk Club: 

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