ROCKSBOX | How It Works

Have you heard of Rocksbox? I tried it for the first time and am going to explain how this monthly jewelry subscription box works with an honest review so you will know if this is something you might want to try out. I also did a full video where you can see all the jewelry items being tried on by yours truly!

// how it works

I saw an ad for Rocksbox on Facebook and since I really love trying out subscription boxes, I decided to give this one a try. I had never tried a jewelry based subscription box. Rocksbox is a monthly service that will send you 3 jewelry items each month. The styling fee is $21, which is about average for these style type boxes. You can use that $21 towards any of the pieces of jewelry you end up keeping. There is free shipping both ways and you do get discounted member prices on the jewelry by ordering through Rocksbox.

The first thing you will do is fill out your style profile. It is pretty basic since we are just talking about jewelry here. You pick the metal you prefer and the different styles of jewelry you like and don’t like and then think about what finger you might want to wear your accent rings on and enter the size there too.

They have a lot of really nice jewelry designers such as Alex and Ani, Ava Rose, Kendra Scott and Kate Spade. You can sort their collections by designer and price range, color and metal. They have a really nice selection and variety to suit a lot of different jewelry styles. 

You will want to add items to your wish list, so they have a sense of your style. Once you have items on your wish list, you can filter your favorites down even further by adding to the top where you have your top 10 favorites. 

Once the stylist picks out your items, you will get an email notifying you and you have the option to preview your box or keep it as a surprise. I couldn’t wait and wanted the option to change things around, so I went ahead and took a peek. Not everything they sent me was from my top 10 list, I think they tried to create a set that would go well together, so they picked out an item themselves. I ended up shopping around and actually swapped all 3 items they were going to sent! Doing this swap and basically changing my whole order took away the element of surprise, but at least I got what I really wanted. I think if they had one item that was hidden until you received your order, that might up the fun factor a little bit.

// what I got

Next, I will show you what I got and then I will quickly explain the checkout process. And then you will know everything you need to know about Rocksbox

rocksbox packaging

Everything arrived really quickly in super cute grey and pink packaging. There was a brochure about how Rocksbox works and info about how to care for the jewelry. There was a note from the stylist and the receipt showing the member price of all the items, and what your discounts would be if you bought all the items. The jewelry is individually wrapped in soft grey bags. This would make a really nice gift for someone because the packaging is just so pretty.

// item 1

aster vale layered necklace

The first item is the Aster Vale Layered Necklace. It is regularly $65, but the Rocksbox member price is $55. The quality feels really nice on this one, really sturdy feel and weight to the jewelry. I liked the 3 layers of necklaces all built into one piece.

// item 2

Sophie harper rainbow studs

The second item is the Sophie Harper Mini Open Circle Rainbow Studs. They are regularly $45, but member price is $38. I will admit I was a little disappointed in these, because they didn’t have a photo on the model so I imagined these as being much larger. The rainbow stones don’t show up very well since they are so small.

// item 3

wilde seville bracelet

The final piece of jewelry is the Wilde Seville Bracelets. This is regularly $55, but the Rocksbox member price is $46. They have shades of blush and gold and are a really nice neutral set of bracelets to have because they can be layered with my Apple Watch or other bracelets and the little gold discs are super cute. I ended up keeping these bracelets because I have a similar set that I have loved for years but the elastic is starting to loosen up so these are a great set to replace them with. I also liked that necklace, but it would have been close to $100 if I had kept both items and I didn’t want to spend that much on jewelry this month.

// checkout process

The checkout process was really easy. You have the option to rate each item you received, so they have an idea of what you like and don’t like for your next order. I shipped the items I didn’t want back for free and I was done. Now, after you have tried something on and sent it back, I did not see an option to add it back to your favorites list, if you change your mind. I guess they figure if you didn’t like it enough to keep it, they will remove it from your sight forever. I’m sure you could reach out to your stylist if you really wanted to change your mind though.

I do have a coupon code for getting your first month free, so I will link that below. While you’re down there, I would love to hear what you thought of this jewelry subscription box in the comments section. Overall, I really liked Rocksbox and will be trying another month or 2 with them. I hope this was helpful and thank you for reading!

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