Pier 1 Copycat Floral Arrangement

I am going to show you step-by-step how to make this copycat of a Pier 1 spring floral arrangement. Theirs costs $50 and mine costs $6. Watching the video below to see how easy it was to make this beautiful floral arrangement with some finds from Dollar Tree.

Flowers are the perfect home decor for Spring. If you can pick your own, that’s great, but sometimes it’s nice to have a few permanent floral arrangements throughout the home. I loved this one from Pier 1, but it was $50 and I knew I could make my own for way less. Here is what we will recreate for way less money!

pier 1 floral

I like how this arrangement is simple and elegant and has the burlap trim at the top of the vase. The white flowers will go with home decor of any color. It isn’t too large so it could be paired as part of a tablescape or just used on a smaller table.

// supplies you will need

dollar tree diy

Let’s get started with what you will need to recreate your own Pier 1 copycat flower arrangement. I got some roses, zinnias and the mixed bouquet at Dollar Tree. I got the mixed bouquet because of the fern like stems it had and for the ivy looking leaves that mirrored the ones in the Pier 1 version. I love Dollar Tree florals, they are great quality for the price. Dollar Tree also had this burlap ribbon that I use to trim the top of the square vase. The floral moss also came from Dollar Tree and I was a little disappointed that they were out of the moss rocks I had seen a few weeks ago, but you will see how I made it work. You will also need a square vase. I already had one, but I did see square vases at Dollar Tree. Lastly you will need scissors, wire cutters and a glue gun. That’s it!

// Add burlap ribbon to vase

First, you will want to measure out the burlap ribbon. I cut mine in half because I only needed about an inch at the top. I used a glue gun on the corners of the vase to stick the ribbon down. The ribbon was a little messy so I trimmed any rough edges.

dollar tree burlap ribbon

// add moss vase filler

The version from Pier 1 had round moss rocks. I had seen moss rocks at Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and wish I had picked some up before they ran out, but your Dollar Tree might still have them in stock. So I had to improvise and I just squeezed the moss in my hand to make each little moss rock. It was very messy and there was some weird powder that came out as I worked with it. But I think you get the same effect of the moss rocks as the one from Pier 1.

dollar tree moss filler

// add florals

The final step is to add the florals. Dollar Tree does not skimp on what they give you for $1. I had plenty of stems to choose from and tried to pick the fullest florals and arranged them to closely resemble the Pier 1 version. They easily stuck into the moss we had already put into the vase.

diy florals

Oh, there was ONE more step! And that’s to clean up. This was a messy project mainly because of that powder all over the moss. So, I just tidied up with some wood polish and then a vacuum because, yes that powder even managed to get all over the floor, even though I was being careful!

// final product

So, let’s take a look at the comparison between my floral arrangement and theirs.

pier 1 copycat for less

What do you think? Is mine better? Or would you rather pay $50 for the Pier 1 version? I would love to get to know you in the comments section below, so please leave me a note. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a very happy day!

pier 1 floral arrangement

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