Is Sun Basket Worth it? | Review of Sun Basket Meals

Are you trying to decide if Sun Basket is worth it? In this video I go into some of the details of Sun Basket and show an unboxing and the 2 meals that I ordered. If you just want to read the details to help you decide if you should try Sun Basket, see below the video for a write up on the Sun Basket scoop. A coupon is available at the bottom of the page, too!

I have tried Sunbasket several times as well as some other food subscription companies. SunBasket is a food subscription box that you can get delivered to your front door for 2 to 4 people. 

You get to choose the meal plan you are on and the schedule that the food arrives. So, you can choose to pause your subscription if you are going out of town or switch from one meal a week to 3 meals a week as often as you like. A few of the meal plans they offer are paleo, lean and clean, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and quick and easy. It comes out to around $12 per serving, and they do choose ingredients from respected farmers, ranchers and fisherman. I like that they support these organic farmers that provide clean ingredients in all their recipes.


They have so many yummy recipes to choose from, it’s a really great variety no matter which plan you’re on. When you receive your box, there is a booklet inside with all the recipes that you had available to you. So, I only ordered 2 recipes, but I have the booklet with the recipes to make the others, which is think it a great bonus. I won’t have the ingredients pre portioned and delivered to my door, but I can create all those other recipes myself.

sun basket box

The large box arrives at your doorstep, very well-insulated. My box had a little ding in it, but nothing inside was damaged. There is eco-friendly paper and everything needed for each meal is individually packaged and labeled. I got the smoky turkey and chili with butternut squash and watercress and the spicy barbacoa pulled pork sliders with apple slaw. At the bottom of the box is an ice pack to keep the meats cold.

sun basket ingredients

The bag for the smoky turkey chili had a bunch of watercress, organic cilantro, organic butternut squash, an onion and tomato paste already portioned out. A lime. And the smoky chili spice blend.

The ingredients that came in the bag for the spicy barbacoa pulled pork sliders were organic green cabbage. Organic red radishes. Pickled jalapenos. A lemon. 1 granny apple. Chipotle barbacoa glaze and 4 slider buns.

// Smoked Turkey Chili with Butternut Squash and Watercress

  1. I first had to prep some ingredients, such as coarsly chopping the onion and trimming the watercress.

  2. Then I heated a little olive oil, the onions and the smoky chili spice blend packet. I stirred until the onions were softened, about 1 to 2 minutes.

  3. Next I added the turkey and salt and pepper until the turkey was browned.

  4. Then I added the butternut squash, which was already cut into cubed, the tomato base and 2 cups of water. I cooked until it came to a boil and the squash was tender. This took about 6 or 7 minutes.

  5. The final step was to remove the chili from the heat and stir in the watercress.

smoked turkey chili

I garnished with lime wedges on the side and sliced onion and cilantro on top. I served this with a piece of bread. It was really good and I do not normally use squash in my chili and it was a little spicier than I normally make it, so it was fun to try a different chili recipe like this one.

barbacoa pork sliders

Here is how the spicy barbacoa pulled pork sliders with apple slaw turned out. I would say I enjoyed this recipe even more than the chili. The pork was already cooked and seasoned. All I had to do was heat it up in the pan and chop and mix up the ingredients for the slaw. It was so easy and really tasty.

I hope you enjoyed this review of sunbasket and I hope it was helpful if you are interested in trying this service out. I put a link to Sun Basket below, so you can get a discount if you decide to try Sun Basket yourself.

Click here to receive a coupon for Sun Basket.



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