3 white jeans work outfits | White jeans after Labor Day

I am going to take 1 pair of white jeans and show you 3 different ways to style them. Now these outfits are styled for the workplace – so, no ripped jeans here. And they’re a little bit dressed up and classy. I think you can wear white jeans year-round. There are really no rules on that any more. And they can be SO chic for an office environment. Something about white jeans are just so crisp and really can elevate an outfit, when done right. I have created a video on this topic, if you prefer to watch.

Now, the jeans I’m using in all of these outfits are the holy grail of white jeans in my opinion. I am super paranoid about see through clothes, so I tried a lot on before finding this pair. They are from the Loft. They are nice and thick, so no lines show and they don’t wrinkle easily. I’m 5’7”, and the regulars are a really nice length on me, either with flats or with a small heel. Loft does have a petites and a tall section too, so there are no limitations there. In these 3 outfits, I am going to show flats only because when I go into the office I am on my feet a lot, and well, I just can’t sacrifice comfort. So, I have found a lot of super cute dressy flats and will be featuring a couple in the outfits I’ve styled for you. I will pop links for the items throughout the post, and if something is discontinued, I will make sure to link a similar item.


Outfit #1

//  Outfit #1

This first outfit starts with a completely white template. The tee shirt is white, the jeans are white. Just like wearing all black and then layering with a pop of color can give you a long lean look, the same works in the opposite direction with white as a base. The tee shirt is from Old Navy and is really simple and casual, but it’s a very soft flowy fabric, which makes it look fancier than it actually is. You could tuck it in and add a belt, or just leave it loose – however you like to wear your tops. But either way, the jacket will dress up the tee shirt. Just add your favorite blazer and you have a simple outfit for work. 


Outfit #2

//  Outfit #2

This next outfit takes advantage of how white can make any color pop. If you really want to stand out and look like you tried, add a bright color to your white jeans – you WILL get lots of compliments! I have this gorgeous pleated red top from Ann Taylor. It is flowy and doesn’t show too much skin for the workplace. I added a statement necklace and a colorful bright pink scarf from the Loft and some gold studded camel pointed flats. If you are going to wear flats to work, pointed always looks dressier than a rounded toe and a little embellishment like these gold studs just ups the style factor even more.


Outfit #3

//  Outfit #3

What I have styled for you here are some really basic pieces that I think most of us have in our closet. Just a flowy tank top underneath – I used a hot pink one. And a blazer – I have this collarless blazer by Hawthorn. Add a statement necklace to tie everything together with those same black flats from the first outfit. This is really so simple, but you can see how this outfit just pops more and looks a bit more creative with the white jeans versus a matchy-matchy black pair of dress pants.

So, there were my 3 white jeans office outfits. If you liked this post and want to see more like it, please share and comment below. Thanks for reading and have a happy day!

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