5 tips to be happy

Did you know there is a Secret Society of Happy People? How cool that there exists a society of happy people somewhere in this world! There are so many ways to be happy, but I want to share just a few quick tips that have helped me keep a happy attitude and outlook on life over the years. I am not a psychiatrist or doctor of any type, these are just my tips on how I have kept a happy attitude and outlook on life. Everyone has ups and downs and although there is no right or wrong way to approach getting through the hard times, there are ways to change your perspective.

I know you guys are busy people, so I have a video below if you would rather listen than read. Otherwise, scroll down for the typed out version and a surprise at the bottom.

1 // Focus on the happiest part of your life 

Even if you have 20 things going wrong in your day – your alarm doesn’t go off and you're late to work; the laundry machine overflows and there is water everywhere; you get in a fender bender – whatever the laundry list of bad things happening in your day is, there has to be 1 small thing, 1 TINY little thing that went right in your day. Focus. On. That. Talk it up to yourself, think about that one small thing. It will distract you from the bad. Let that one small positive consume your mind. Maybe it was a compliment on your shirt. Whatever it was, be thankful that one thing that happened because it broke up the rest of the bad stuff in your day. Wouldn’t it have been worse if absolutely no one had complimented you? You get the point. 

2 // Change your perspective 

Ok, so you’ve thought about the best part of your day. Now think about the worst. Sounds counter productive, but the point here is NOT to dwell on the worst, but to be THANKFUL that it wasn't EVEN worse. Sometimes we blow that one small bad thing out of proportion and forget how many things we have to be thankful for. It's just a matter of changing your perspective to change your outlook on obstacles. This is easier said than done, but the best way to do this is when you are most emotional about that bad thing that just happened. Stop yourself. Distract yourself from all that emotion and turn it around right then and there. Say, "Is this really THAT bad?" to yourself. The more you do this, the easier it will become.

3 // Surround yourself with happy people 

There is a saying that happiness is contagious, which I have noticed to be true. Everyone has that friend or even just an acquaintance they know that ALWAYS seems to be happy. Maybe it is even sickeningly happy. Maybe it is just a front. Who knows. But hey, on that bad day of yours, you are going to wish they were YOUR bff. So bring them closer. Make them a friend instead of an acquaintance. Learn from them. Ask how they have such a happy attitude. It is just healthy to have positive happy people in your life, so why not start adding them to your list of friends now. it can’t hurt.

4 // Simplify your life 

You might have too much going on and this makes you feel overwhelmed. Too much to do can take time away from enjoying the little things in life, which are sometimes the happiest. Take a look at how many things you are trying to balance at once. Is your to-do list more than 10 items long? Maybe you have taken on too much. It might be time to reflect on all you do and if everything is REALLY necessary. Now could be the right time to let something go. 

Here's an example: If organizing your photo albums has been on your to do list for 2 years, that empty check box just sitting there staring at you every day, is just causing you stress. Just delete it off your list and SOME DAY when you have the time it can be added again. However you can find ways to simplify your life, I am sure you will find that it allows you to breathe, be more aware of what is going on around you. and make you more at peace and joyful from within.

5 // Believe that you deserve to be happy 

Maybe it isn’t your environment that is bringing you down, but you are down on yourself for something. No matter what it is, you deserve to be happy. Each and every one of us is here on this earth for some purpose. Here is an example: Today you were walking down the street and someone thought you reminded them of someone they love. You brought that person joy for that one moment. You didn’t even realize this happened, but you made that stranger happy. There is so much that goes on in life that we aren’t even aware of. You may be impacting people and not even think you are. Truly believe in your heart and tell yourself over and over that you deserve to be happy. Who better to give positive reinforcement to than yourself?

So there were 5 quick tips on how to be happy. Leave your ideas in the comments section below of what YOU do to be happy. Remember, happiness is contagious, so let’s spread that joy together. Thanks for reading and have a happy day!

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