Review of Sleep Number Bed | What kind of mattress should I buy?

I’ve had the Sleep Number c2 for 3 months and have some pros and cons to share with you. So, if you’re current mattress is getting a little saggy and you’re shopping around, then keep reading so you can get all the important details on the Sleep Number bed all in one place. If you prefer to watch than read, I have created a video on this exact topic.

I haven’t had a new bed for years – probably for around 10 years, actually. I’m not sure if my old mattress started out as firm and ended up soft after all these years, but it definitely had a dent in the middle, which I know is a bad sign. It was time for a new mattress. After doing some research, and trying a few out, I became really interested in the Sleep Number bed because of its adjustability. Not knowing what kind of mattress I had been sleeping on for the past 10 years made me like the idea of trial and error in my own home. It is really hard to test out a bed in the stores because you don’t want to actually roll around on their bed, and it just feels awkward laying there with a sales person staring at you. At least it was awkward for me! So, for the reasons of not knowing what firmness I was looking for and not being able to properly test out the mattresses without bringing one home with me, I found the Sleep Number bed appealing. I am going to go into how the Sleep Number beds work, the different types, the pricing and customer service experience. So, let’s right get into the details on the Sleep Number bed.


// How they work

So, you might be wondering, how does this mattress even work? Well, all of the Sleep Number mattresses come with 2 air chambers. These air chambers use a pump to bring in air that will inflate or deflate the chamber based on your Sleep Number setting. The higher the number (it goes up to 100) the firmer your mattress will be. Your bed has a remote for $39 that allows both air chambers to be programmed with your Sleep Number. Alternatively, you could use your phone with the Sleep Number app installed to control your mattresses air chambers.

The Responsive Air feature will automatically and effortlessly adjust the comfort to each side of the bed as you sleep. The air chambers will adjust when you first get in bed, while you sleep, and after both sleepers get out of bed for the day. If both sleepers have Responsive Air turned on the mattress will adjust one side of the bed at a time. So, it’s basically checking the pressure of each side of the bed once per hour, and will automatically inflate or deflate to adjust the air pressure, if a change is detected. This is a setting that can be turned on or off for either side. I personally like to make my settings and then have it be left alone. You can hear the mattress as it changes, although it is very quiet and wouldn’t wake you up. I just like the number to be set and stay there until I am ready to change it. So, this is a feature that really doesn’t get much use from me.

// Sleep IQ

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Another feature that comes with all beds is the Sleep IQ technology. This is an app that tracks your sleep and shows when you are restless and when you get up out of bed. To be honest, this was cool for about 2 weeks. You are all excited to see your stats when you first get your Sleep Number bed and you refer to it for about 2 weeks because of the novelty. But then you find your Sleep Number and the excitement wears off and you might never use the app or the remote again.


// Types of sleep number mattresses

So, the things I just mentioned – the dual adjustability of the air chambers, the Responsive Air technology and the Sleep IQ app are things that come with all the mattresses. Where you get into the differences are things like foam layers and mattress tops. The pressure relief and support goes up accordingly as the price increases on the better models and you get things like temperature balancing materials.

sleep number

The most basic Classic series has the c2 and the c4 models. The only difference here is the c2 has a 2” comfort layer at the top, which is basically the soft memory foam layer. and the c4 has a 3” topper. The total height of the c2 mattress is 8” and 9” for the c4. 

Next, we get into the Performance series, which claims to have enhanced pressure relief, but what this really means is that layer at the top is just thicker. So, 4” for the p5 and 5” for the p6. The height of the mattresses increases respectively at 10 and 11 inches.

The Innovation series is the most luxurious, with all the features as the other mattresses, but adding the temperature balancing to the mix. I did try these out in the store and there is a noticeable difference in the cooling feature of these mattresses. The i7 has a 5” comfort layer and is 11” total mattress height. The i8 has a 6” comfort layer and 12” total mattress height. The i10 is where you max out on everything and get 7 inches of comfort layer for a total of 13” mattress height.

Not included in the price of your Sleep Number mattress, but available for purchase are modular bases and a series of adjustable bases. While you don’t have to use Sleep Number’s modular base for your mattress, it does replace a traditional box spring and is available for $299 for a Queen.


You could also choose to add one of the FlexFit adjustability options where you can pick a bed that raises your head, or feet or both and you can have this for both sides or individually.

They even have a foot warming feature and underbed lighting if you want to pay extra for that. I have to say I tried these in the store and they were really cool. But I wasn’t looking to spend that much money on a mattress.

What I ended up getting was the c2, which is the most basic model. So, I thought this mattress felt very comfortable in the store. But because I got the mattress with the least amount of comfort layer on top, once I replaced the old mattress with the new sleep number, I realized just how low and short the sleep number mattress was. It just looked very low to the ground, so if you’re aren’t used to that, it might look and feel strange to you. To solve this problem, it was much cheaper to buy a memory foam topper to increase the height and comfort layer than to go up in price to the c4.

I ended up finding a great topper from ViscoSoft on Amazon and it hasn’t shifted since it has these nice straps to hold it in place. It has a great quality cooling memory foam and adds 3” in height.


// Pricing

The pricing can really vary based on what model you get, the size and then if you add any special features, such as having that head and foot adjustability. The c2 starts at $899 for a Queen and then jumps to $1499 for a c4. The p5 and p6 in the Performance series are $1899 and $2599. The i7, i8 and i10 in the Innovation series go from $3199 to $4699.  

So, with the mattress, the mattress base, the $39 remote, the delivery fee of $199, taxes and then I had to order that mattress topper, it was around $2300 dollars for a King. They have a payment plan and will send you a Sleep Number credit card, which you can set up on a payment plan. There was 0% interest for a certain period of time, but it may be different where you live, so you can ask your Sleep Number sales associate about that. Also, prices might be slightly different if they are having sales or depending on where you live, but these numbers just give you a good estimate. 

They do have a in-home trial period from 30-100 days, depending on which style bed you get. But don’t expect to get your $199 delivery fee back. I think there was even an extra fee for picking it up if you return it. So you are out around $400 dollars, if you decide to return it. 


// Customer service

The customer experience was really great. The sales associates really know their stuff and were happy to assist in any way they could. I must have made 10 trips and spent quite a bit of time trying all the mattresses, but they were always really patient and never pushy to get a sale. The guys who delivered the mattress were very cautious and didn’t bang against any furniture on their way in or out. They also wore little shoe booties to prevent getting the floors dirty. Then they spent the time to show me how to use the new mattress. When I called to find out about the return policy, there were no hard feelings and they didn’t get cold with me or anything. Overall, I would give sleep number associates a 10 out of 10.


// Final thoughts

So, I would say if you’re in the market for a new mattress, and you have no idea whether you want a firm or soft mattress, then the Sleep Number might be worth it for you. Another instance where the Sleep Number mattress would be right for you, is if your sleeping partner has the complete opposite idea of what a comfortable mattress should feel like. With Sleep Number, you can both have your own numbers and be happy. You can go for the cheapest one like I did, so that you get that adjustability and then try that mattress topper I recommended so that you get the height and softness at the top of the mattress. Or you could splurge on one of the upper tiers and not have to worry about buying the added topper. Now, if you are very certain that you or both you and your sleeping partner want either a firm or soft mattress, then you could probably save some money and shop for a mattress that doesn’t charge for adjustability. Because once you find your number and are consistently getting a good nights sleep with it, you will most likely stick with that number.

So, I hope you found this review helpful and you got some good insight on the Sleep Number mattresses. I have another post coming up later this week on how to get a better nights sleep, so be sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss out on those tips.

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